Our parents encouraged and Inspired us – ladies who both graduated with 5.0 CGPA in Unilag

Just like Mr. Ayodele Dada who achieved the feat of a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.00 at the University of Lagos, this year, two female students, Taiwo Bankole, Department of Cell Biology and Genetics and Oyindamola Omotuyi, Department of Systems Engineering recorded the same feat at the institution’s 2015/2016 convocation ceremony. They attributed their successes to their parents. Funmi Ogundare reports

As expected in any graduation ceremony, when a feat is achieved, there is always a thunderous applause and cheers when the names of those that achieved it are mentioned.

So it was at the 2016 convocation ceremony of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), where Miss TaiwoBankole, Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, and OyindamolaOmotuyi of the Department of Systems Engineering, were called to the podium to receive their prizes.

The duo, who were the cynosure of all eyes at the ceremony, were among the 231 first class graduands. They matched the enviable record set by Mr. Ayodele Dada during the 2015 convocation.

They were rewarded with cash prizes and scholarships worth almost N1 million, including the alumni association prize to the overall best graduating first degree student in the institution which was increased from N100,000 to N150,000.

Recalling what it was like when she was admitted into UNILAG, Bankole said: “I failed the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and got in through direct entry. I didn’t want to study the course at first, but I was offered Cell Biology. I wanted to study Medicine, but could not meet the cut-off mark.”

She said she found her course of study interesting, adding, “it is something that talks about our daily lives, it is about reading your books, attending classes, and praying to God and trusting in Him for everything.”

On how she was able to achieve the feat, she said: “My parents have been encouraging me and my course adviser and lecturers and friends that it is possible to have five points in school.”

Asked if she had a boyfriend while in school, Bankole said, “I didn’t want to have a boyfriend in university because I came here to read my books. My favourite quote is that there is time for everything and that was the time to read my books. I also had a social life in school, I watched movies when I don’t have much to do, I go out with my friends if I wanted and also go visiting. My handiwork is fashion designing, so during holidays I go to learn. If am not in school, I go online and look at the latest fashion and sew clothes, but I did overnight reading a lot.”

On her plans for the money, she said, “I will love to further my education in the area of genetics because it is very interesting outside the country.

She advised other students to be diligent in their work and be determined, focused and set their goals and work towards it, adding, “they should be hard working and pray to God for everything that they need. I believe God in everything. Success does not come easily, they should put more effort into their endeavours and attend lectures and be attentive in class.”

On her part, Omotuyi said she was inspired by her father, an engineer, who reads all night and she decided to emulate him.

On how she achieved the feat, she said, “I was not born a genius, but I had to work hard for it. When I was in primary one, I took 11th position in my class and in UNILAG, I had two bad results. A day before the exam of a particular course, I saw my test result where I scored 9/30. Before the test, I had read very well, yet, I got 9/30. When I saw it, I was downcast. I asked God what was going on and I cried. That was in 200level.

“However, I didn’t let it stop me because I don’t believe in falling and not rising again. After crying, I met people who brushed me up on the course to know what the lecturer really wanted and the exam turned out well later. In another course, I had 5/40 in the test and the highest in the class was 10/40, however, at the end, I scored 70 per cent.”

She advised other students to do the needful, adding that getting admission was is particularly hard if every student worked hard for it.

“I read a lot with my classmates, I enjoy learning from everybody irrespective of the level. I am more interested in the knowledge I will get and not CGPA. This is because of the family I come from; my daddy was a scholar who got a scholarship to study in Russia. He is a very strict person in terms of reading. Even at old age, he still reads till day break. I learnt the discipline from him and applied it in school.”

She said after-school lessons also helped her when she was in the secondary school, adding, “that was how I had 315 in UTME and 76 in post-UTME.”
The statistics of the graduating students showed that a total of 12,617 received their degrees, diplomas and certificates; out of this figure, 6,900 (54.7 per cent) were awarded first degrees or diplomas, while 5,717 (45.3 per cent) received postgraduate degrees. Out of the first degree graduands, the Faculty of Engineering led the pack with 46 first class; 1,705 graduated in the second class upper division; 2,972 in the second class lower division; 1,372 in third class; 103 made pass degree, while 517 have degrees or diplomas that are not classified.

A total of 5,420 also received master’s degrees in the various fields across the institution, while a total of 95 students bagged Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in various disciplines.

The three-day convocation ceremonies kicked-off with the unveiling of new names for infrastructures to honour all past vice-chancellors of the institution, who are not serving and who have not been honoured so far for their contributions to the growth of the university.

The conferment of honorary doctorate degrees on the Chancellor of the institution, the Shehu of Borno, AlhajiAbubakar Ibn Umar Garbai El-kanemi; a renowned poet, Professor John Pepper Clark; and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Ayodele Francis Ogunye was one of the high points of the ceremonies.

Others that were also honoured were: the former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics and Research), Prof.BabajideAlo; Director of the Distance Learning Institute, Prof.OlukayodeAmund; Cecilia Igwilo and Jim Unah as distinguished professors, while Professor Frank Giwa-Osagie was honoured with Emeritus Professorship of the institution.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the Governing Council, Prof. Jerry Gana, described the two outstanding graduands as a pride, not just to their parents, but to the university and Nigeria. “I congratulate these two ladies as we are delighted to have them match the strength of men academically. What they have done simply shows that there is still so much zeal for hard work, discipline and dedication among some students.

“I want to task the university not to relent in its drive to produce students with good leadership quality because academics are about character and learning,” he said, adding that this is the only way to take the university and the country to the next desired level.

“I want the university to continue with its excellent work, as the feat obtained by the girls, including Dada in 2015, is a combination of excellence in teaching under a conducive environment. It is equally the combination of the dedication by the students and staff because no matter how much we teach excellently and provide the right environment, if the students are not serious, not much can be achieved.”

Gana, who will complete his tenure this month, appealed to the federal government to provide funding for teaching and research.

Also speaking, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rahaman Ade-Bello stressed the need for institutions to explore alternative funding sources to insulate university education from the fiscal instability of government.

He added that universities in the country should do more than just being training institutions, but should be commissioned to solve the country’s problem through research and development efforts and direct challenges by government.

Ade-Bello, whose tenure will end in November said, “research has been repositioned for effectiveness with the creation of the research office where more multidisciplinary researches are now coming up and attracting bigger and national and international research grants. Researchers are being linked up with research results and end users while patents arising from our researchers should be more prevalent.”

He congratulated the graduands for successfully completing their studies at the institution, saying, “as you go into the real world, it is your responsibility to promote the good image of the university by being excellent individuals in character and service to your society.”

In his remarks, the chancellor thanked the senate and management for the honorary Doctor of Science in PublicAdministration, while appealing to students to maintain peace on campus and pursue their studies with all seriousness.

“The university will continue to provide all needed services and a conducive environment for teaching and learning. You should avoid all forms of violence and social vices to maintain peace within and outside campus.”

The visitor, President Muhammadu Buhari, congratulated the honorees, while expressing concern that some universities have not shown enough commitment towards accessing the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund).

Buhari, who was represented by the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), AlhajiAbdulrasheedAdamu, said universities should be able to access such funds to further boost their teaching and research.

He said his administration has approved the reconstitution of the governing council of all federal institutions in the country, adding that they must be accountable to the people at all times.


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RESUMPTION TIPS: How to deal with a troublesome roommate 

Dealing with school life can be very stressful especially if you have to live with a terrible roommate. Why you have to bother yourself with other serious issues relating to your studies, you’ll also have to come up with new ways to continuously deal with troublesome roomies.
In most cases especially if you are a fresher, you are not allowed to choose your roommate, so you would have to cohabit with a complete stranger. While it may sound fun and interesting at first, there is a high probability that you guys wouldn’t get along initially or ever.
Here are steps that can be very helpful in living with a troublesome roommate.
What you can do to avoid getting into problems,

Respect each other
No matter who is older or younger, once you guys happen to be sharing the same room, try and respect each others opinion, belief and ideas. Respect their personal space and property and always ask before making use of their stuffs.
Set out boundaries and agree on differences.
set rules and regulations that will govern your living together. Is your roommate a smoker and you find it difficult inhaling cigarette fumes, here is where you get to straighten everything out concerning differences. Also come to an agreement on things like room chores, contributions, noise levels and visits from the opposite sex.
When at fault own up.
It’s difficult most times to accept that we were wrong, but if you want to be treated fairly, When you are at fault be quick to own up and apologize for your wrong doing.
Try and be decent.
When sharing a place with someone it’s always advisable to try and clean up after yourself, don’t litter the place with your things, tidy up your own corner or part of the room.
Keep him/her updated.
Since you share the room space with someone it is only right that you keep your room mate updated. Should you be away from school, let them know off your whereabouts, there are the first point of contact should there be difficulty reaching you. Also let them know before hand should you be expecting a visit from the opposite sex.

When in dispute with your room mate.

Talk it out.
This is the first approach to take to settling dispute, have an honest discussion about individual differences, allow each other tell their own side of the story and gradually try and resolve the issue.
Seek others opinion.
If you still find it difficult to come to an agreement, you can try sharing the experience with close trusted friends and hear what they have to say about it.
Give each other space.
If after the lengthy discussions and arguments between you and your roommate yields no positive result. Then the next thing is to avoid getting into arguments with him/her, give each other the necessary space for things to work out.
However, it may be easier said than done, because there is the limit everyone can take in tolerating others, and if you feel you can’t cope anymore with your present room mate then it’s about time you move on, there is no benefit in adding room mate troubles to the work load you have to deal with in school.
Please add yours
Source: SchoolHomeman 

Unilag researchers alert health, economic implications of allergens 

As Harmattan hits most towns and villages in the country, a team of researchers at the University of Lagos (UniLag) has alerted to the health implications of allergens from pollen grains, which include Allergic Rhinitis (AR), conjunctivitis (Apollo/pink eye), sinusitis and asthma.
Allergen is a substance that causes an allergic reaction. The team led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics and Research), Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, said that seasonal changes have been reported to introduce dust and other particles into the atmosphere, some of which are pollen grains posing allergic reactions in humans.
The research work, which was sponsored by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) is tagged TETFund Allergy Project.

The team in a communiqué released after a workshop in Lagos noted reports from medical experts and affected individuals, relating allergic reactions to the incidence of weather conditions and airborne pollen distribution.

Members on the project team include: Dr. Olusola Adekanmbi (Principal Investigator), Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe (Research Partner), Dr. Adesina Adeiga (Research Partner), Dr. Temitope Onuminya (Research Partner), Dr. Nneka Ezike (Research Partner), Mr. Olugbenga Alebiosu (Ph.D candidate), Mr. Linus Ajikah (Research Assistant) and Mrs. Hannah John (Master’s student).
Dr. Obianuju B. Ozoh of the Department Internal Medicine and Pulmonology College of Medicine University of Lagos in her presentation titled: “ Pollen Allergy and Respiratory Diseases” stated that respiratory organs are a united airway and this accounts for a situation whereby an individual who is at risk of AR may also be at risk of conjunctivitis, sinusitis and asthma. She said that these diseases may not be presented at the same time in the body of an affected individual but they may all occur at different periods. She added other airborne pollutants especially the gaseous substances in the air also induce that allergy.
According to Ozoh, it is expedient to identify those plants producing airborne pollen allergens in the environment for proper diagnosis and treatment of allergy sufferers. Ozoh emphasized the need to create an awareness concerning the prevalence of pollen allergy in Nigeria, as many people are yet to acquaint themselves with this incidence of these allergy conditions.
Dr. A.O. Onakoya of the Department of Ophthalmology, College of Medicine, University of Lagos in her presentation titled “Allergic Conjunctivitis: A Sequel of Environmental Allergens” said allergic conjunctivitis is caused by environmental influences such as pollens, dust, pollutants and other airborne particles on predisposed genetic background. She informed the participants that eyes are constantly exposed to environmental allergens and listed the different types of allergic conjunctivitis; simple allergic conjunctivitis (Hay fever conjunctivitis) which is most likely to be caused by pollen; others are sight-threatening and include Vernal kerato-conjunctivitis, Atopic kerato-conjunctivitis and Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. Onakoya stated that 20 to 30 per cent of the world population suffers from simple allergic conjunctivitis.
Prof. M.A. Sowunmi of the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, in her presentation titled “Role of Pollen in Health Care Delivery and Socio-economic Development” said aeropalynology, melissopalynology and pharmaceutical palynology are areas of important socio-economic concern. She stated that some aeropalynological studies have been carried out in Nigeria but with no information on allergenic specificity of identified airborne pollen grains. 

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#LifeInUnilag: True story of a Unilag student who slept with a mammy water

Well, as we all know, not all that glitters is Gold, here is a testimony of a unilag student named David, surname withheld at an MFM church.
David is a 400L student of unilag and has been attending MFM youth church since he gained admission in 2011. He was a very active church member until sometimes in November 2014, it was getting close to the exam period at unilag and David decided to study at his favorite destination in campus which is the Lagoon front.


While reading in front of the peaceful water, he met a very beautiful dark Lady crying, he felt sorry for her and decided to walk up to her. He later asked her why she was crying and she told him all that happened that her boyfriend dumped her. David as a Christian gave her some words of encouragement, preached to her and consoled her. They became friends, more interesting, he has fallen in love for the first time in his life. Unluckily for him a mammy water.
After their exams they became much closer and by february 14 2015. They became lovers. As the relationship grew the young Lady began to demand for se.x but David was reluctant until one day he decided to forgo his church program to go out with the young Lady. He was drunk that night and had s.ex with the lady, you know what it means to sleep with a yemoja, David’s life changed, he started having se.x with her more frequently, he never went to church, he started smoking, his friends started to notice his change and started advising him but he wouldnt listen.
Until July 2015. David fell ill. He went from one Hospital to another but they couldnt diagnose the cause of his illness. Until he started seeing the girl in his dreams he then went to the church for Prayers. The pastor Later told him to confess his deeds which he later did. He later realised she was from the marine world and had ruined his destiny. After seven days of Prayers he finally became delivered. I’m wondering what could have happened to the girl as David shared his Testimony on sunday. This story of David is lesson to us, Pray while choosing your girlfriend before she ruins you.
Source: NigeriaToday

UNILAG wins GE – IT driven entrepreneurship competition!

The University of Lagos has emerged the winner of this year Information Technology driven entrepreneurship competition organised by Accelerated Learning System Limited in partnership with General Electric (GE) Company at the Lagos Business School, Ajah, Lagos.

Students of the institution defeated 19 other groups from various universities across Nigeria with a perfect business simulation model, applicable to a real life business.




The competition was part of activities marking the International Information Technology Week.

At the several levels of simulating a real business in Nigeria, five groups with the best business models on how to maximise profits and improve staff quality were shortlisted for the final stage. The five groups who made it to the final were University of Lagos (UNILAG), University of Ibadan, University of Ilorin, Babcock University and the American University of Nigeria (AUN) Yola. UNILAG came tops, defeating University of Ibadan and University of Ilorin to second and third position respectively.

Leader of the UNILAG team, Oso Temitope, a final year Chemical Engineering student described the success as what they actually expected, saying the group spent sleepless weeks preparing, rehearsing and tidying its business simulation, which eventually paid off.He explained that the whole exercise of business simulation with the use of Information Technology was very engaging and rewarding as it help sharpened the students’ entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, which can never be taking away from them. “Every one of us was engaged in the success story and it came to us as expected,” he said.

To the Babcock University group leader, Titi Otukoya, the exercise was worthwhile experience because it has further sharpened her business knowledge and skills. “Even if we couldn’t get any meaningful position, the fact that we made it to the final and acquired more skills in running business enterprise driven by technology was fulfilling for me.”

She, however, called on other corporate organisations to emulate the gesture of General Electric (GE) Company and Accelerated Learning with a view to making Nigerian youths more productive.

For the Director of Communication and Public Affairs, Sub-Sahara Africa, of GE, Patricia Obozuwa, the exercise is in partial fulfillment of the firm’s decision to developing entrepreneurial skills in Nigeria and Africa.

Obozuwa described the exercise as a very real way to work with the students and intimate them with what they might meet out there after graduation. She explained that it was part of her company’s corporate social responsibility to invest in Africa by building a sustainable future in Nigeria and across Africa.

Tagged ‘Kujenga’ — a Swahili word for ‘build’ the progamme is aimed at empowering people with new entrepreneur skills with a view to foster development in Nigeria and by extension in Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer Accelerated Learning System Limited, Tope Toogun, explained that the initiative is part of his company’s effort geared towards closing the wide gap between education and skills acquisition in Nigeria, which is the bane of development.

According to him, the nation’s university curriculum does not equip students with entrepreneur skills, adding that his firm is set run learning and development programs with the use of technology innovation to other tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

“Nigeria has a huge unemployment challenge and there won’t be enough jobs to employ the army of graduates being churn out yearly made us focus on how to encourage individual to develop their skills with a view to creating more jobs,” he said.

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#LifeInUnilag: Outcome of today’s meeting with the DSA (MUST READ) 

A meeting was held today, the 1st of December 2016 with the Director of Students Affairs and all Faculty,Department and class leaders. Below are some points from the meeting:  
1. The undergoing refurbishment of Sodeinde hall would be concluded before resumption.

2. Sodeinde hall would not be balloted for, interested candidates would apply for it once the notice of it’s completion is made known.

3. The ‘T’ wing with 322 bedspaces would be for undergraduates at the cost of N60,000 with N25,000 caution fee while the ‘E’ wing with 1678 bed spaces would be for post graduates at the cost of N120,000 with caution fee N25,000.

4. All bed spaces have been given out.

5. Freshers are to ballot on the *5th of December* and move in on the *21st of December* after which staylites move in 3 days later.
DSA has nothing to say about the increment in school fees.
For those who pay for lagmobile and don’t receive messages, the DSA advised that they make a photocopy of their receipts with their phone numbers behind it and submit at the DSA’s office.
The DSA also stated that as at next semester, free forms would be available for students who are interested in becoming members of the following societies: Man o war, Boy scout, Red Cross, Girls Brigade and the Nigerian Navy. Theses societies would avail them training, tour and travel opportunities.
Added to the work study program is teach to pay where students with CGPA of 4.0 and above would be paid by management to teach fellow students with CGPA of 1.5 and below for free.
Social activities beyond 6pm is still very much prohibited on campus.

By Hassana

ULES PRO elect