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Iya Bamidele


Life In Unilag (LIU) is 1!

Yaaaay! One whole year of awesomeness is marked!

This time last year, we were all up on our feet as we planned the launch of LIU which held at Jekaplay,in New Hall.

Today, we can boast to be one of the best online platforms in the University of Lagos with a very wide audience who are also very supportive.

Yes, we also launched our own clothing line! Chic yeah?

So from every member of the team, we have something to say;


Towards the end of 2015, Steevane spoke to me about the idea of building a platform that covers the happenings in Unilag. It looked to me like a dream that would take very long to realise but to my utter amazement, that dream came alive less than 2 months after, exactly a year ago. Working for the platform, Life in Unilag, has been totally amazing. And I look forward to the many things we would keep doing. I want to use this medium to appreciate the audience we have been able to garner in the past year. I look forward to seeing more of you guys😊. Cheers!


Being a part of LIU has been great. I’m glad I saw the post on IG about someone who isn’t camera shy and I’m glad I decided to reply that day. I’ve met and become friends with these amazing, honest, crazy, dedicated and creative people. I’ve learnt quite a few things that I think will help me to be a bit more productive.

 Thank you for being a part of our loyal audience and for taking time to read our blog posts, May you not be stale on the gists and happenings in Unilag again. LIU promises to constantly improve on our services to keep you informed, updated and entertained.


We had just resumed for the session and I got to know about life in Unilag. Heard they needed volunteers or something like that for the launch.I liked the whole idea and opted to join. 

I initially thought it was going to be a one day thing but somehow, it extended. It’s not been all smooth, sometimes we’d call for a meeting and people won’t show up, some left and some joined. Our countless arguments 😂…but never fights. 

It’s been worth it 😬.

We’d like to appreciate everyone following us on our various platforms. Thank you for believing. We’re sorry if we haven’t reposted your pictures 😁.Many pictures coming in, we just have to pick some lol


When I joined LIU I was merely looking for a platform asides from my blog to write and post fashion articles. I never expected to get so attached… I never envisioned us growing into this…


It started with a dream. I can only give all thanks to God and commend the great team for sticking together and getting us this far. Thanks to everyone who follows the platform on social media and all our blog readers. Big appreciation to all the brands and individuals that have also showed us support in the past year, plus those who trusted us to publicise their products/services/events, You rock!



Life In Unilag!!
I can’t help but scream as I type this. So much emotions engulfed in me. I’ve never regretted being on the LIU team. Life in Unilag is a platform for everything which occurs in Unilag, from gists, information etc. How did I become a member of the amazing team? Well, it was a process. I met with Steevane and learnt of his idea about LIU. I decided to become part of it because I knew that it was something great. I met wonderful people, some who stayed, some who left. I learnt more about blogging and about team work. Tbh, it wasn’t as easy as it seems – Meetings sometimes even when it wasn’t too convenient but you just have to show up etc. And yesterday was our anniversary! It is really worth celebrating LIU. And I urge everyone to be part of it.



RESUMPTION TIPS: How to deal with a troublesome roommate 

Dealing with school life can be very stressful especially if you have to live with a terrible roommate. Why you have to bother yourself with other serious issues relating to your studies, you’ll also have to come up with new ways to continuously deal with troublesome roomies.
In most cases especially if you are a fresher, you are not allowed to choose your roommate, so you would have to cohabit with a complete stranger. While it may sound fun and interesting at first, there is a high probability that you guys wouldn’t get along initially or ever.
Here are steps that can be very helpful in living with a troublesome roommate.
What you can do to avoid getting into problems,

Respect each other
No matter who is older or younger, once you guys happen to be sharing the same room, try and respect each others opinion, belief and ideas. Respect their personal space and property and always ask before making use of their stuffs.
Set out boundaries and agree on differences.
set rules and regulations that will govern your living together. Is your roommate a smoker and you find it difficult inhaling cigarette fumes, here is where you get to straighten everything out concerning differences. Also come to an agreement on things like room chores, contributions, noise levels and visits from the opposite sex.
When at fault own up.
It’s difficult most times to accept that we were wrong, but if you want to be treated fairly, When you are at fault be quick to own up and apologize for your wrong doing.
Try and be decent.
When sharing a place with someone it’s always advisable to try and clean up after yourself, don’t litter the place with your things, tidy up your own corner or part of the room.
Keep him/her updated.
Since you share the room space with someone it is only right that you keep your room mate updated. Should you be away from school, let them know off your whereabouts, there are the first point of contact should there be difficulty reaching you. Also let them know before hand should you be expecting a visit from the opposite sex.

When in dispute with your room mate.

Talk it out.
This is the first approach to take to settling dispute, have an honest discussion about individual differences, allow each other tell their own side of the story and gradually try and resolve the issue.
Seek others opinion.
If you still find it difficult to come to an agreement, you can try sharing the experience with close trusted friends and hear what they have to say about it.
Give each other space.
If after the lengthy discussions and arguments between you and your roommate yields no positive result. Then the next thing is to avoid getting into arguments with him/her, give each other the necessary space for things to work out.
However, it may be easier said than done, because there is the limit everyone can take in tolerating others, and if you feel you can’t cope anymore with your present room mate then it’s about time you move on, there is no benefit in adding room mate troubles to the work load you have to deal with in school.
Please add yours
Source: SchoolHomeman