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Nike’s Valentine

The phone rang. Nike hurried to get it. It was Valentine’s Day. As she made the dash from the kitchen to the sitting room of her posh three bedroom flat, she could not but wonder who it was. She searched around for where the phone’s sound was coming from. “Femi” she said aloud as she stared at the caller id. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be excited or surprised. It was two weeks since their argument and the way it had ended, it looked like it was the end. “Hello” she said as she answered the call. She didn’t want to sound too excited. “I am downstairs” he said. She scoffed, “No greeting” she wondered. “Okay?” She said, trying to sound like she did not care. “Come downstairs” he replied. That was Femi, he was the most arrogant young man she had ever come across. “Okay, I am coming”, she replied. Putting the phone down, she went to the kitchen to put down the dinner she was making. She had to admit, she was very scared, she wasn’t sure what he was here for. The thing was that with Femi, one could never be so sure. After that little issue that he managed to blow out of proportion, and all other issues he always managed to create a quarrel out of. “Maybe he has come here to end things” she said to herself. “But why today?” “Lord, no. Not when my mates are receiving valentine gifts, I can’t be getting a breakup.” She said a silent prayer as she made her way down the stairs.

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#LifeinUnilag:Hym Signage NSFDW2016″Most Creative Designer” 2nd runner up

Hello greatest  Akokites! In this post and subsequent posts, we would be doing a quick recap of the recently concluded Nigerian Students Fashion and Design Week (NSFDW2016.) We would be looking at some of the most creative designers who were on show at the event. Kick-starting this, our spotlight is on ‘Hym Signage‘  whose creative director (Ibrahim Quadri) is a Quantity Surveying student of the University of Lagos.

Hym dazzled at the just concluded fashion show and it is no wonder how he managed to emerge as one of the most creative designers on display. A quick perusal of some of the pieces from his collection would sell you on his creativity too. Lets dig in…


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#LifeinUnilag:Kings and Queens 2015 “Our Year in Retrospect”

Hey beautiful people! Yea… we are still on the kings and queens of 2015… In this post, we would looking at their year in retrospect; what they have been able to achieve, what they have learnt and of course how they would do thinks differently if they had the chance.


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#LifeInUnilag: All You Need to Know About the Kings and Queens (2015)

Hi guys! How are y’all doing? So… It turns out  that we know little about our outgoing/out gone Hall Kings and Queens, don’t mind us… We didn’t make so many social calls, however; this is our attempt to fix all of that. So we came together for this,(most of us) had a good time and now we are giving you all there is to know about us, so in no particular order, lets dig in… (I’m choosing to write this in first person to retain the personal and intimate feel.)


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Hi Akokites! Its your favorite Unilag blog again, the only blog on campus that acknowledges your fashion and style needs, and continually works to serve you better.

Today  we would be examining  fashion trends that have become integral  parts of campus Continue reading #LIFEINUNILAG: UNILAG STYLE TRENDS; The CROP TOP vs the TANK TOP.



In the world of business, there is nothing more magical than turning the name on your birth certificate to a recognized brand name. Today we celebrate our Unilag fashion brand of the month Mayowa Folami (Ziza.)


Mayowa is a currently studying law here in Unilag, she is a  Fashion Blogger( Pro  MUA(makeupbyziza), Wardrobe Consultant, and she has a footwear line called SFDByZiza oh yea! I almost forgot, she is also a model too… (modelbyziza…lol.) Total boss lady if you ask me, she’s just the kind of woman you want to get married to with the way things are these days… She will make life easy for you mehn…(Plus she doesn’t look like the kind of woman to find the time to gossip and be petty, not that i’m saying most women are petty o! It’s just…Lol.) Oh I seem to have taken you off the point (this is becoming a habit, once I’m interviewing fine women like this…) In my defense its all  part of the brand… its her “makette” I’m selling.


We spoke to Mayowa and this is what she had to say about herself and her brand:

1. What motivated you into entrepreneurship (at what we would say is an early age)?
Let’s just say I love being independent being my own person and not having to lean on anyone and I’m quite ambitious but also I love learning new things especially useful skills so that really motivated me into becoming an entrepreneur.

2. What was your greatest challenge starting up?
Well, capital amongst other things. You know it’s one thing to have an idea but it’s another to bring it to life.

3. How do you balance managing your brands and school/law stress?                                            Lol, I try you know right now I’m trying to focus in school but then, not doing what I do makes me feel like a part of me is missing so I just try my best to juggle so neither will suffer.

4. What’s the next step for you (career-wise)?
I’m working on various projects some I’m taking my precious time in and others well they are a work in progress. I’m just aiming to put myself out there as an entrepreneur and someone in the fashion business.



5. Where do you see yourself/at what point would you be able to tell yourself you are successful?
Lol, mehn… That’s hard to tell because at this point even if I get recognition from celebrities, I still wouldn’t feel like I’ve reached my goal…There’s this constant hunger for success you know when you know you can aim higher and be better but getting international recognition would be great.

6. You are obviously a very busy person…  What do you do in your down time to relax?  Lol I sleep or watch movies but I mostly sleep.

7. We know things can’t be easy especially with the socio-economic situation right now so what keeps you going?                                                                                                                   . The drive to succeed. Honestly starting up a business isn’t easy especially when you are a student or when you have other things on your plate that needs the same attention but knowing if I fail I should try again works well for me, I keep telling myself fall seven times stand up eight.


There you have it, that is Mayowa Folami (Ziza), you can check her out on IG:@makeupbyziza or view her business page @Sfdbyziza, you can also view her site for style and wardrobe tips  Thanks Ziza for being our  “Fash-preneur”/ wife material of the month.

Dibia Valentioe

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All images from IG:@makeupbyziza, view more images after the cut.



Hi Akokites! Hope this post meets you well and I hope your weekends are shaping up to be great?

So, I’m very excited about this post…(Yes! I like fine girls before nko) Meet our Unilag model of the month; the ever beautiful,hot and sensational Natasha Yamala, 300 level Mass Communication student, (also an ND degree holder in Mass Communication from Yaba Tech.) She hails from Delta State,(No that’s not obvious from the name.) Continue reading #LIFEINUNILAG MODEL OF THE MONTH: NATASHA YAMALA

#LifeInUnilag: 10 Fashion Must haves for Unilag Girls this semester!

Hello fashionable Akokites! Hope this post meets you well? We come bearing gifts (for the ladies at least.) This week we would be leaving you with tips on fashion ‘must haves’ for College girls, especially the ones who love to slay, so lets dig in…




  1. The white shirt (short or long) you really should have this, it sits in with whichever color of pants you choose to wear it on, plus it makes you look really smart before having to even speak. It is a perfect Monday look, you need it for those presentations anyways so… why not?


2. The Nudes: From the nude dresses, to the bags, nude lipstick etc… You need one of each. If worn properly you would definitely look chic in nudes (I know our male readers would have wished for a different interpretation of that word, thank God for pictorial reference lol.)


3. Vintage Shirt: C’mon, a lil vintage never hurt no one, your college closet could use a vintage shirt. Worn semi-formally or casually, it could be a great Wednesday look, that mid-week not too serious look (but you would totally still slay tho.) It is always a comfy choice, it’s loose fitting is just freedom, literally.


4. Heeled Sandals: You should have one of this in your closet (preferably black if you are going to have just a pair.) You can wear on with your skirts, trousers, jeans, gowns… Pretty much anything and look very sharp (while still showing off your pedicure lol.) Trust me, they would serve you Monday through Sunday.



5. The Little Black Dress (LBD): You know right… How can you not?? This Little Black Dress is very key o! Yes now! The Friday turn up… This is just the dress for it, if you are going to have one of these dresses your best bet should be black cos you can easily repeat it without getting caught, a change of accessories, a change in the color of shoe and bag should do the trick for you. But just have that black dress. Also for events; ushering jobs and the likes, the most common pick is the black dress.


6. Court Shoes: Yes! and these too, if you are not going to wear a shirt for your presentation or formal occasion, say you go with a  gown and a blazer, you might want to finish it off with a court shoe; it is quite formal, and as opposed to flats it gives you that elevation and confident stance.


7. Denim:  Its safe to assume that everyone has a denim, (at least a denim jeans) it is illegal not to have a denim, really it is a crime and you can get arrested for it. If you are fortunate, you would also like to have a denim top and enjoy the denim on denim trend every once in a while. You might also want to try the high waist jeans too… Tis kinda cool.




8. Kimonos: I think this is still just about the most current fashion trend among female Unilag students, to be very honest I like them kimonos too, for whatever reason you choose to wear them, either as an extra topping or for comfort (because this heat is not for this planet.) I love the way it allows girls wear crop tops and other short dresses without looking irresponsible ,(notice the beauty of the nude like I mentioned earlier?)




9. Shorts: A great addition to your closet – them shorts, honestly no matter how much you try to cover skin, there are certain times when you would need to step out and you would feel like covering just the barest necessary part of your body, it might be due to the heat or what not, but everyone gets that feeling and as such; a  short would come in very handy – or leggy – (Get the pun? 🙂 ) Especially if you are going to step out briefly in the evening.


10. The Party Dress: Different from the LBD, the party dress is the look for more proper events like dinners and balls. (black is once again the most obvious choice if you are going to have just one.) It is a basic assumption that as a student you would get to attend at LEAST  one of such events in your time in school, so yes you need these too…

So there you have it dears, that’s our list of 10 should have fashion items for you. We hope we have been helpful, we know this is not a general standards across all people, so in your opinion what do you think we have left out or should not have included?  You can leave your comments in the comment box below.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day ahead!
Images:, @colorsbyjae (you should check them out on Instagram, they have lovely Kimonos) and @queen_leemah on Instagram as well.

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