#LifeInUnilag: Outcome of today’s meeting with the DSA (MUST READ) 

A meeting was held today, the 1st of December 2016 with the Director of Students Affairs and all Faculty,Department and class leaders. Below are some points from the meeting:  
1. The undergoing refurbishment of Sodeinde hall would be concluded before resumption.

2. Sodeinde hall would not be balloted for, interested candidates would apply for it once the notice of it’s completion is made known.

3. The ‘T’ wing with 322 bedspaces would be for undergraduates at the cost of N60,000 with N25,000 caution fee while the ‘E’ wing with 1678 bed spaces would be for post graduates at the cost of N120,000 with caution fee N25,000.

4. All bed spaces have been given out.

5. Freshers are to ballot on the *5th of December* and move in on the *21st of December* after which staylites move in 3 days later.
DSA has nothing to say about the increment in school fees.
For those who pay for lagmobile and don’t receive messages, the DSA advised that they make a photocopy of their receipts with their phone numbers behind it and submit at the DSA’s office.
The DSA also stated that as at next semester, free forms would be available for students who are interested in becoming members of the following societies: Man o war, Boy scout, Red Cross, Girls Brigade and the Nigerian Navy. Theses societies would avail them training, tour and travel opportunities.
Added to the work study program is teach to pay where students with CGPA of 4.0 and above would be paid by management to teach fellow students with CGPA of 1.5 and below for free.
Social activities beyond 6pm is still very much prohibited on campus.

By Hassana

ULES PRO elect


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