#LifeinUnilag:Hym Signage NSFDW2016″Most Creative Designer” 2nd runner up

Hello greatest  Akokites! In this post and subsequent posts, we would be doing a quick recap of the recently concluded Nigerian Students Fashion and Design Week (NSFDW2016.) We would be looking at some of the most creative designers who were on show at the event. Kick-starting this, our spotlight is on ‘Hym Signage‘  whose creative director (Ibrahim Quadri) is a Quantity Surveying student of the University of Lagos.

Hym dazzled at the just concluded fashion show and it is no wonder how he managed to emerge as one of the most creative designers on display. A quick perusal of some of the pieces from his collection would sell you on his creativity too. Lets dig in…


If there is one thing the modern stylish man is playing with these days, it would be colors. Men have broken through the barrier of color restriction and are enjoying their new found freedom to play with colors a little more than before.                                                    Furthermore; this piece offers you simplicity especially for days with unfavorable temperatures, for casual outings/meets, for those Fridays where you have one lecture and what not. It still affords you the opportunity to look stylish even in simplicity.


The same theory of simplicity and comfort applies to this piece as well, you also have to love the versatility of the top;  it can be worn casually with shorts as seen above, or with jean trousers for those who do not like shorts, it could also be worn with a matching pant as a modern native wear if you ask me. The color detailing on the top, as such you do not  need to do much accessorizing.


So because trends are evolving; men are also buying into the blouse idea. This is a male blouse which allows for easy wear and for comfort. The unique cut of the neck makes it different from anything you have ever seen before, the polka dots give this up-vibe to the whole outfit, it just gives it life.


On a more personal note; this piece is one of my favorites. I love its edginess and trendiness at the same time. It is also a male blouse that retains the danshiki/ agbada feel, but in a way you wouldn’t have imagined and then infuses it into a casual look.


Oh yeah! He pulled this off, the ancient Roman empire vibe to it though… Impressive work. I like the fact that it was kept plain, because of its edginess, I think it was a wise decision to keep it plain, let the totality of the look do the speaking.

IMG_20160903_144600_328This piece does not require much speaking to,  the maturity it brings totally works for me, the simplicity of the design because of the fabric choice is a yes for me too and also, the fact that this piece cuts across all generations of men.


How about this for smart casual? This is nothing like any jacket you have run into before, it comes with an adjustable lapel as seen above. I can be worn full flapped as seen on the left side of your screen or buttoned in as seen on the right… Or even a mixture of both as is the case on this particular occasion. For those of us who easily get tired of re-rocking the same outfit  and are constantly looking for new ways to jazz up an outfit, this is plus.


This is how the jacket would look when worn with the lapel undone on a one button suit. This is really creative I must say, now you don’t have to wonder how Hym emerged as one of the most creative designers at the just concluded NSFDW.

For more of his creativity check him out on Instagram @hym_signage.

Till next time… God bless you.

DibiaValentinoe                                                                                                                                                    IG:@val_entinoe (www.dibiavalentinoe.com)

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