#LifeInUnilag: The BATTLE OF THE YEAR is this September!!

                BATTLE OF THE YEAR NIGERIA 2016 – The Heat Is On!

It’s that time of the year again when the entire community of youths erupts to celebrate what has variously been described as one of the biggest dance experiences in Nigeria as Battle of the Year Nigeria (BOTY) 2016 returns for the eighth consecutive year to light up the Nigeria entertainment circuit. This year’s edition is coming bigger and better with a never- before –seen competitive edge to the bargain. On parade at BOTY 2016 will be the very best break dance crews itching to set the BOTY arena on fire with stunning, jaw dropping moves and maneuvers in the quest to win the highly coveted spot to represent Nigeria and Africa at the Battle of the Year World finals in Germany.

The 2016 edition will lead with a side event scheduled for the 17th of September, at the Indoor Sports Hall of the University of Lagos where participants will be pitched in a one on one breathtaking battle session in the following categories of Hip-hop dance which includes B-boying, Popping, Locking and Krump while the main event will hold on the 18th of September at the same venue. Last year, more than 2,500 persons experienced the spectacle which saw three -time champions, Space Unlimited emerging winners again. Interestingly, therein lay the probable highpoint of this year’s event. According to Jolomi Kendaboh of House of Royalty, organizers of the event, there is a palpable hint at a possible conspiracy among the various participating crews to unseat the champions, Space Unlimited and this has created a heightened and unprecedented excitement among the ever loyal but steadily growing fans yearning for a new champion.

Battle of the Year commonly referred to as BOTY is an annual international break dance series that began in Hannover, Germany over twenty years ago. Regional qualifying tournaments also known as preliminaries are held worldwide culminating in world finals usually held in Germany. As the biggest in its genre, the event is attended annually by over 12,000 visitors across the world. In Nigeria the BOTY Nigeria experience has been nothing short of magic and has been hailed as one the most consistent and single emerging socio-cultural force uniting youths across the country.

The 2016 edition Battle of the Year Nigeria is organized by House of Royalty with production partnership from Ves-Concetto, Cytech World Communication, Nigeria Break-dance Convention, Bboy-Bgirl Nigeria, The Underground Contest, AEC, Rhythm 93.7FM and Silverbird TV, Hip TV, Planet TV, Pulse.ng and City 105.1 FM.



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