#LifeinUnilag:Kings and Queens 2015 “Our Year in Retrospect”

Hey beautiful people! Yea… we are still on the kings and queens of 2015… In this post, we would looking at their year in retrospect; what they have been able to achieve, what they have learnt and of course how they would do thinks differently if they had the chance.



Wonuola on her year in retrospect had this to say:

Being miss Amina has actually taught me a lot,I’m someone that doesn’t like talking to people aside from my friends but you know, as the queen I just had to learn to talk to everybody, I had to deal with popularity,comport myself in public cause I believe someone somewhere is watching me. If I was to be queen again I think I would want to be nicer and try to talk to people more.

During my tenure,I visited Modupe Cole with my other queens to give them clothes and provisions. All in all I’m going to miss being Miss Amina and I wish the new queen a successful tenure.



Valentine on his year in retrospect had this to say:

Being Mr Eni-Njoku has really taught me a lot as regards how to relate with people better, it has also given me a little idea of how to behave bearing in mind that you are in the eyes of the public.

During my tenure, I embarked on various charity projects with an organization called Impact Consult; we visited schools giving them career talks and had counseling sessions with them. Also, I participated actively in the Children’s day charity program organized by Ihelponeng in conjunction with Sulcata Ent at Modupe Cole.

If given the chance again, I would be more active, try to meet more people and get involved in more projects.




My year has been awesome; I have learnt a lot like presenting a good image of who I am, knowing how to express myself better and I have become more accommodating.

Even if I had the chance, I would do nothing differently, because all I have done has made me who I am today.





George on his year in retrospect:

Being a king this past year has taught me to be way more social and amiable than I used to be, I’ve learnt the value of building friendships and relationships with people around me.
Given a chance to do it again, I’d probably take the role more seriously in general. Probably make more appearances socially in my capacity as a “king”.



My tenure as a queen made me more social, learnt how to socialize with other people.And also working with the excos to make things right and with my level of commitment in preparations for our hall week,I’ve been able to share in the problems of the residents and to solve their problems with my little advice and contributions.This way I’ve learnt how to take responsibility.

To my loved ones,please don’t go into something or some business line because everyone is doing it.Please do your own thing that you know how to do well cause its going to work best for you.Love you all.



Being Mr Biobaku 2015, I felt Joy whenever I had a warm welcome or reception from people each time I visit places. When I speak, people gave me all their attention. I was really honored and accepted by everyone

My pet project was on “the right to child education” and the spelling Bee competition for students in my rural area.
I wouldn’t say it was all rosy as a title holder. But I smiled.
Life as a king has taught me that nothing lasts forever; so, make use of any opportunity wisely. Not everyone gets a second chance
If you don’t plan for the future, you will be left with no choice, but to accept what which comes your way. Be calm, think and look beyond what you see…. Keep doing what you know how to do best. Stay blessed 😘 love you all.


Temilola on his year in retrospect:

Being Mr jaja has taught me a lot about being responsible and being a role model because as a public figure people look up to you and scrutinize your every action words and reaction so being Mr jaja has helped me to be a more well rounded person if i could go back in time i don’t think id change anything maybe id be a little bit more reserved though because time has taught me that even when your very outgoing people don’t show you the same courtesy you show them but really i have no regrets.

Outfit details: http://dibiavalentinoe.com/groom-inspiration/

Photo Credit: @smilesfotografi


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