#LifeInUnilag: All You Need to Know About the Kings and Queens (2015)

Hi guys! How are y’all doing? So… It turns out  that we know little about our outgoing/out gone Hall Kings and Queens, don’t mind us… We didn’t make so many social calls, however; this is our attempt to fix all of that. So we came together for this,(most of us) had a good time and now we are giving you all there is to know about us, so in no particular order, lets dig in… (I’m choosing to write this in first person to retain the personal and intimate feel.)


Full Name: Ademuson Peluola Wonuola
Instagram handle: @wony_baby                                                                                                                 Faculty/Department: Faculty of law/Law
Level: 200 Level                                                                                                                                           DOB: 10th of October
Basically,I’m someone that likes having fun,I love gisting and all.My favorite food is spaghetti and hot-dog.
If I was to describe myself, I would say I’m a young,beautiful,classy and intelligent lady.



Full Name: Aghelegin.M.Temilola
Dept: Business Administration
State of origin; Delta State
DOB: 5th of May
Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Meeting people, Solving challenges, Swimming, Working out, playing soccer and video games.
Favorite Dish: Pepper soup (fish) am a cat fish fan
I’m an easy going unassuming person, I don’t generalize or look down on people, I acknowledge the diversity in people and respect their opinions and beliefs no matter if they contradict mine, I’m a radical thinker who is best happy alone that doesn’t mean that am a loner just that i enjoy the solace in being alone,I do what I believe is right regardless of popular opinion or the consequences I am my own person I that regard.
Full Name: Anokam Onyinye Gift
IG: @_tsonyinye
Dept:Sociology,                                                                                                                                                     Level: 200l
State of Origin: Imo State
DOB: Jan 3
I am a Fashion freak,dislike rude people,especially when they are being rude to fashion 😂…  love hanging out with friends and playing around. My favorite dish is diced plantain and fish sauce.
My self in few words:lovable,beautiful,smart and a reliable event planner.IMG_7784
Full Name:Lawal Aminat Yetunde
IG handle: @Amyna _L
Department:Petroleum and gas
State of origin:Lagos state
Date of birth:8th of February
Likes: Trying new things,movies and music
Dislikes: I dislike pretenders liars and noise
Skills: fashion designing
Hobbies: Taking risks,hanging out with friends,traveling
Favorite dish;  Pounded yam and vegetable
Describe yourself in few words: I am lighthearted and simple.My objectives in life are clear; finish my studies, have a good family and make my contributions to society.
Full Name: George-Michael Esan
‎Dept:Physics science
Level: 300 lvl
State of Origin: Osun State
DOB:31st October
Likes: music, books,engaging conversation,  beautiful women.
Dislikes: not sure, I dislike on impulse.
Hobbies: listening to music,  Reading books, singing.
Favorite Dish: ikokore ( water yam porridge)
‎Myself in a few words: very smart, very lazy, shy,low key funny guy and woman lover.


Full Name: Dibia Valentine Nnamdi                                                                                                       IG: @ val_entinoe                                                                                                                                        Faculty: Social Sciences                                                                                                                       Department: Sociology (Social Work)  300 lvl                                                                                        State of Origin: Delta State                                                                                                                         DOB: 15th of Feb                                                                                                                                                  Likes: Fashion, Music, food and Trouble making                                                                                Skills: Fashion Designing, Styling and Fashion Blogging (dibiavalentinoe.com)             Dislikes: Noise, sluggish people and Stress (in very sense of the word)                                          Favorite Dish: Ah! I’m a foodie… well, Vegetable soup and pounded yam, Starch and Banga soup, then any food that has plantain and gizzard in it. I really love cakes too…   Describing myself in a few words, I would say; I think I am an introvert, but once I open up you are in trouble, like making jokes, I speak  fluent sarcasm and I like to have female friends.



Department: Botany 200L
State of Origin: Anambra state
DOB: 15th of Feb
My likes are; Dancing,singing,plying the piano
Dislike are; lies, drinking, smoking….
Favorite dish; plantain and anything good
I would say am ”someone who is mature, candid and has integrity, everyday I work to improve myself and my skills that’s part of becoming better at what I do.”

Outfit details: http://www.dibiavalentinoe.com

Photo credit: @smilesfoografi


For LifeinUnilag

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