Hi Akokites! Its your favorite Unilag blog again, the only blog on campus that acknowledges your fashion and style needs, and continually works to serve you better.

Today  we would be examining  fashion trends that have become integral  parts of campus style; the crop tops (for the ladies) and the tank tops (for the guys.) From general consensus, word on the street is that the tank tops are very suitable for specific weather changes, they are easy to wear, they are comfy and what not. Asides that, more specifically; my prejudice towards the crop top is that it is another stylish avenue for “hotties” to show skin… Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against it, personally I feel if you have gone extra lengths to have/keep that flat tummy then you should be rewarded for it, hence you should flaunt it.


You know… It just has this appeal, lol… How can I even be against such a trend! At this junction, I think it is right to state clearly that the crop top is not for everybody, please and please, respect yourself. You cannot reap where you did not sow. If you have not put work into that body, PLEASE DO NOT CROP YOUR TOP… Thank you ehn, just leave it like that.


Like I reiterate each time I get the opportunity; moderation is key in everything. Don’t you just love the moderately revealed skin?  Let their imagination do the rest of the work for them, its more fun that way.  Also, the point that it is a very comfortable way to dress, no stress, no heat, no sweat… (This point is key cos these guys think everything is about them, if they weren’t comfortable in it they probably won’ t be so in love with it.)


Mehn… It looks so right, I can’t imagine not having it around.

In turn, I guess the same rules would have to apply to the tank tops for guys, we should also be rewarded for putting so much work into having that beach body.


We’ve gotta admit, its more difficult for guys to creatively show skin… So now that we have found this way… Please let it trend. Again, it is not for everybody, if you know that it would end up making you look sickly, please and please, respect yourself and wear big  shirt, some people’s charm is to be funny, some brilliant… So don’t feel bad.


The only problem for me however is the restriction on places you can wear this to, it hinges on the same issue of moderation. You cant decide too show up for lectures like this, No! its not right! Neither can you show up to any serious gathering dressed in a tank top, its not proper. However, you can stroll around campus in the evenings in these, no problem,you could have casual meet ups with friends in these, you are fine.


If you have to be at the sports center for one reason or the other, you are good to go, also to the gym, no problem… (Then you can come out and enjoy that walk back to your hostel feeling like a boss cos they are staring… Make sure you use earpiece o… So it will be sweet. After all you, are not working out to take the body to heaven.)


More emphasis on how comfy they are… It literally gives you the freedom you need.So in my opinion, I would like to believe the tank top is for guys what the crop top is for girls… We see its usefulness to you, You too, appreciate our tank tops. Am I the only one that feels this way? What do ya”ll think?

Beautiful Images from @lhurvedavies, @ tiana_kris, @makeupbyziza, @thorlannie@val_entinoe @_tsonyinye and @samuuelbassey you could go hit them up on IG for more images.



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