#LifeInUnilag: Unilag Science Students Association set for their Faculty Week! – All Details here

The University of Lagos Science Students Association in conjunction with all departmental associations Presents!


DAY 1: Corporate Day/Symposiums across all departments
DAY 2: Campaign Against Drugs (Peace Walk & Sensitisation).

Student Skill and Empowerment Program. (baking, bead making, soap making, beauty and make up artistry, online marketing)
DAY 3: Departmental Events/Activities
DAY 4: Cultural Day – Cooking competition, Cultural dishes delight, parades and performances.

Traditional Pageantry – Sisi and Bobo Ulssa
DAY 5: Sports/Games Day – Board games, Console games, Indoor Sport events competition

Open Mic/Comedy Performance

Discounted merchandise displays, food and drinks, unlimited fun, talent discovery, skill acquisition, amazing prizes, raffle-draws, shopping vouchers, On-the-go career talks, unification of the great faculty of science.
Watch this space for our mind blowing list of partners and sponsors. You never expected it!. 
Forms for the pageantry (#1000) and games (#500) and cooking (#1000) competition would be sold from Monday (August 1st 2016). Interested students should pick up their forms from the Ulssa Secretariat. 


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