In the world of business, there is nothing more magical than turning the name on your birth certificate to a recognized brand name. Today we celebrate our Unilag fashion brand of the month Mayowa Folami (Ziza.)


Mayowa is a currently studying law here in Unilag, she is a  Fashion Blogger(yourclosetgirl.com) Pro  MUA(makeupbyziza), Wardrobe Consultant, and she has a footwear line called SFDByZiza oh yea! I almost forgot, she is also a model too… (modelbyziza…lol.) Total boss lady if you ask me, she’s just the kind of woman you want to get married to with the way things are these days… She will make life easy for you mehn…(Plus she doesn’t look like the kind of woman to find the time to gossip and be petty, not that i’m saying most women are petty o! It’s just…Lol.) Oh I seem to have taken you off the point (this is becoming a habit, once I’m interviewing fine women like this…) In my defense its all  part of the brand… its her “makette” I’m selling.


We spoke to Mayowa and this is what she had to say about herself and her brand:

1. What motivated you into entrepreneurship (at what we would say is an early age)?
Let’s just say I love being independent being my own person and not having to lean on anyone and I’m quite ambitious but also I love learning new things especially useful skills so that really motivated me into becoming an entrepreneur.

2. What was your greatest challenge starting up?
Well, capital amongst other things. You know it’s one thing to have an idea but it’s another to bring it to life.

3. How do you balance managing your brands and school/law stress?                                            Lol, I try you know right now I’m trying to focus in school but then, not doing what I do makes me feel like a part of me is missing so I just try my best to juggle so neither will suffer.

4. What’s the next step for you (career-wise)?
I’m working on various projects some I’m taking my precious time in and others well they are a work in progress. I’m just aiming to put myself out there as an entrepreneur and someone in the fashion business.



5. Where do you see yourself/at what point would you be able to tell yourself you are successful?
Lol, mehn… That’s hard to tell because at this point even if I get recognition from celebrities, I still wouldn’t feel like I’ve reached my goal…There’s this constant hunger for success you know when you know you can aim higher and be better but getting international recognition would be great.

6. You are obviously a very busy person…  What do you do in your down time to relax?  Lol I sleep or watch movies but I mostly sleep.

7. We know things can’t be easy especially with the socio-economic situation right now so what keeps you going?                                                                                                                   . The drive to succeed. Honestly starting up a business isn’t easy especially when you are a student or when you have other things on your plate that needs the same attention but knowing if I fail I should try again works well for me, I keep telling myself fall seven times stand up eight.


There you have it, that is Mayowa Folami (Ziza), you can check her out on IG:@makeupbyziza or view her business page @Sfdbyziza, you can also view her site for style and wardrobe tips http://www.yourclosetgirl.com.  Thanks Ziza for being our  “Fash-preneur”/ wife material of the month.

Dibia Valentioe


For LifeinUnilag

All images from IG:@makeupbyziza, view more images after the cut.








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