Hi Akokites! Hope this post meets you well and I hope your weekends are shaping up to be great?

So, I’m very excited about this post…(Yes! I like fine girls before nko) Meet our Unilag model of the month; the ever beautiful,hot and sensational Natasha Yamala, 300 level Mass Communication student, (also an ND degree holder in Mass Communication from Yaba Tech.) She hails from Delta State,(No that’s not obvious from the name.)

The first time I saw her, we were in a meeting (I usually don’t attend these things but I’m still glad till today that  I did attend that one time.) When she introduced herself I said to myself “oh well! Nice name… she’s okay, nothing we have not seen before in this Unilag”. Some minutes into the discussion something happened, some part of the brief we were receiving was incoherent and apparently we were the only two that noticed and we stared at each other with that look of accusation, each silently urging the other to speak and correct the incoherence… T’was after the smile I think I realized that she is like no other I would ever meet… (damn! I got carried away, it’s a model feature not a romantic novel, I’m VERY sorry.)  Bringing you back, Miss Yamala had this to say about herself and modelling:


“I am the only girl in between two boys, I also love cooking and when I’m not reading a crime/investigation novel, I’m writing (I have a blog called Underneath My Beautiful, www.underneathmybeautiful.blogspot.com)…
Being a model is much more than the glamour for me, it goes deeper than the surface glory. I mean, walking the runway and having all eyes on me is an added bonus because it takes much more than what people think to be a successful model. The passion I have for modeling is so pure and genuine that I am in awe sometimes at the things and people I have been able to have the pleasure of working with. I have worked with a lot of designers(both home and abroad), stylists, makeup artists and photographers.”


1. Tell us about growing up, childhood dreams and memories
Growing up, I was a tom-boy, being the only girl in between two boys, what would you expect? It was fun for me cos they just always seemed so cool and all they did was fascinating to me like climbing trees, doing “ultimate searches” just to win a biscuit or something. But I loved playing with them even if they would always bully but would never let someone else touch me. I guess it was their job to bully me n still protect me at the same time.

2. How old were you when you had your first photo shoot as a model?
Hmm… That’s a long time ago. I think I was still in high school. I’m not so sure how old I was but if I’m to make a guess, I would say 15.

3. How was the experience?
It was fun then, I thought the pictures were really awesome and I was the “bestest” but looking back now, I mean knowing what I know now, OMG those pictures were terrible! 😂😂😂 I would never let them see the light of day. Lol.


(Lol… I had other plans for her.)

4. Any regrets?
I am actually not big on regrets because I believe everything happens for a reason and it in one way or the other makes you who you are presently. I guess the only thing I would have done differently is believing in myself at an early age because if I had believed in myself earlier, Oh Lawd!

5. Any designer or photographer in Africa you wish to work with?
Yass!!! I would love to work with South African designers David Tlale, Marianne Fassler, Thula Sindi and of course Tanzanian photographer Sam Vox.

 6. What is your most treasured fashion item in your wardrobe?
Hmm…. Lemme think a lil… It has to be my shoes and my bags. Like no contesting. I’m not so big on names for clothes cos if it looks good enough, imma buy it! Lol.

7. What part of your body do your cherish most?
I really can’t say its this particular part but I’m really big on skin care and I love my skin.

8.How do you keep fit and stay relevant in this competitive commercial modeling industry?
The modelling industry is really competitive because looking around, before you even get to your destination, you could meet 50 girls of which 99.999% of them will claim to be models. All I just do is work on myself and keep improving. I constantly research on new things, new poses, improve on my catwalk, check for new ideas to shoot and most importantly, I pray to God to crown my efforts with success and bless the work of my hands.

9. Would you say you are sexy?
If you had asked me this question like a year ago, I would have said NO (there ain’t nothing sexy about this long brown-skinned skinny  girl) but like I said I’m learning to believe in myself and I’m loving it. So YES! I am sexy.



Below is a list of some of her achievements:
She is the face and an ambassador for a sought after skin care brand, CookieSkin.
She had the privilege to grace a lot of runways e.g FashionFix, Ebony Life Runway, Runway Jazz, Pearllook Runway..  Etc.
She has worked with designers like Lanre DaSilva, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Deola Sagoe, Uncle Frank Oshodi, StylebyAyaba, VonneCouture, Byge Collection, Kina buti, Republic of Foreigners… just to name a few.
She has had the ultimate pleasure of being the muse behind Antoinette Olivia’s 2013 swimsuit collection.

She did the lookbook for Isi Atagamen
She has worked with amazing photographers like Reze Bona, Hakeem Salaam, Prince Meyson, Aham Ibeleme, PhotoCulture, Jerrie Rotimi, Marc.ng, Gazmadu etc
She has also modeled for a luxury hair brand called Chiviva Hair…

Gracing magazines like Complete Fashion and recently appeared on the cover of Vanguard Allure Magazine alongside Banky W.


You can follow Natasha Yamala on IG and say hi to her (she is kuku a fine girl.) @Natyamala… Cheers till next time.

Dibia Valentinoe


For LifeinUnilag

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