#LifeInUnilag: 10 Fashion Must haves for Unilag Girls this semester!

Hello fashionable Akokites! Hope this post meets you well? We come bearing gifts (for the ladies at least.) This week we would be leaving you with tips on fashion ‘must haves’ for College girls, especially the ones who love to slay, so lets dig in…




  1. The white shirt (short or long) you really should have this, it sits in with whichever color of pants you choose to wear it on, plus it makes you look really smart before having to even speak. It is a perfect Monday look, you need it for those presentations anyways so… why not?


2. The Nudes: From the nude dresses, to the bags, nude lipstick etc… You need one of each. If worn properly you would definitely look chic in nudes (I know our male readers would have wished for a different interpretation of that word, thank God for pictorial reference lol.)


3. Vintage Shirt: C’mon, a lil vintage never hurt no one, your college closet could use a vintage shirt. Worn semi-formally or casually, it could be a great Wednesday look, that mid-week not too serious look (but you would totally still slay tho.) It is always a comfy choice, it’s loose fitting is just freedom, literally.


4. Heeled Sandals: You should have one of this in your closet (preferably black if you are going to have just a pair.) You can wear on with your skirts, trousers, jeans, gowns… Pretty much anything and look very sharp (while still showing off your pedicure lol.) Trust me, they would serve you Monday through Sunday.



5. The Little Black Dress (LBD): You know right… How can you not?? This Little Black Dress is very key o! Yes now! The Friday turn up… This is just the dress for it, if you are going to have one of these dresses your best bet should be black cos you can easily repeat it without getting caught, a change of accessories, a change in the color of shoe and bag should do the trick for you. But just have that black dress. Also for events; ushering jobs and the likes, the most common pick is the black dress.


6. Court Shoes: Yes! and these too, if you are not going to wear a shirt for your presentation or formal occasion, say you go with a  gown and a blazer, you might want to finish it off with a court shoe; it is quite formal, and as opposed to flats it gives you that elevation and confident stance.


7. Denim:  Its safe to assume that everyone has a denim, (at least a denim jeans) it is illegal not to have a denim, really it is a crime and you can get arrested for it. If you are fortunate, you would also like to have a denim top and enjoy the denim on denim trend every once in a while. You might also want to try the high waist jeans too… Tis kinda cool.




8. Kimonos: I think this is still just about the most current fashion trend among female Unilag students, to be very honest I like them kimonos too, for whatever reason you choose to wear them, either as an extra topping or for comfort (because this heat is not for this planet.) I love the way it allows girls wear crop tops and other short dresses without looking irresponsible ,(notice the beauty of the nude like I mentioned earlier?)




9. Shorts: A great addition to your closet – them shorts, honestly no matter how much you try to cover skin, there are certain times when you would need to step out and you would feel like covering just the barest necessary part of your body, it might be due to the heat or what not, but everyone gets that feeling and as such; a  short would come in very handy – or leggy – (Get the pun? 🙂 ) Especially if you are going to step out briefly in the evening.


10. The Party Dress: Different from the LBD, the party dress is the look for more proper events like dinners and balls. (black is once again the most obvious choice if you are going to have just one.) It is a basic assumption that as a student you would get to attend at LEAST  one of such events in your time in school, so yes you need these too…

So there you have it dears, that’s our list of 10 should have fashion items for you. We hope we have been helpful, we know this is not a general standards across all people, so in your opinion what do you think we have left out or should not have included?  You can leave your comments in the comment box below.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day ahead!
Images: google.com, @colorsbyjae (you should check them out on Instagram, they have lovely Kimonos) and @queen_leemah on Instagram as well.

Article: Dibia Valentinoe

Website: http://www.dibiavalentinoe.com

For Life in Unilag.



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