#LifeInUnilag: THE FLICK arises out of Unilag! | DETAILS HERE

The Flick show has been created by enthusiastic students and prospective media experts to take the world of entertainment in UNILAG and beyond to another level.

It has been put together to appreciate the exploits of young entrepreneurs and entertainers. The show in essence, epitomises the result when It is with excitement that this show is introduced to the public. Titled The Flick, it is aimed at mirroring the lives, deeds and exploits of young entrepreneurs and entertainers. It is both enlightening and entertaining with the intention of disseminating informations about prospects in different fields. The Flick intends to relate with its fans through videos which can be viewed online and downloaded for easier reference. These videos will be of reasonable length and will be anchored by Onome, winner GCGT season 6 and other talented presenters.

Videos of The Flick will be released every two weeks, but can be released anytime based on the expedience of the situation. These videos will be hosted on The YouTube channel, as well as blogs / websites popular to the audience and fans.


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