#LifeInUnilag: ‘Life In Unilag’ tops list of TOP 5 SM BRANDS IN UNILAG! | See List

According to OlofofoNG, here are the top 5 brands in the University of Lagos with LIFE IN UNILAG  (Us) topping the list :).

Check it out below!

The University of Lagos Established on the 22nd of October, 1962 as been a Top Choice Institution in Nigeria which receives many Applicants who wish to study there.
The University of Lagos are very selective in Admission Process as they scrutinize well to give only the Best applicants Admission.
The School Motto; In Deed and In Truth’ also gives the school it’s unique slang,School of First Choice and The Nation’s Pride’. The Students popularly referred to as Greatest Akokites are well engaged in different activities in the school to keep the School name moving forward.
There are many Unilag Brand Names privately run by Students, of which we fan mention but a few, but after carrying out an analysis, we would present you with the Top 5 Unilag Brands this week.


On Number 5 this week is UnilagTrend which is run by a Team in which TOBE akatndefinition is the Chief Blogger.
Unilagtrend is 5 Months Old, it kicked off January, 2016 with the intention of letting students in school who are embedded with talents realize it, share their ideas and what they possess. Aside from the lecture room settings, Some of them need to be heard and appreciated.
So in this view, Unilagtrend is bent on promoting young entrepreneurs in their various fields of endeavour and also aimed at publicising informative news happening in school.
Follow UnilagTrend on IG: @unilagtrend_


Number 4 for this week is UnilagBillboard. Co-founders Farouk Tackie and OniSamuel of the department of Physics, 400L are two young men who came up with the dream of taking the School Adverts to a greater height.
The Aim of UnilagBillboard is to advertise from within the school and outside the school as long as it relates to the school and students. Then UnilagBillboard would go any length to get your adverts done so far as it’s school oriented.
Follow UnilagBillboard on IG: @Unilagbillboard and the Co-Founders @farouktackie @boss_ohny


Fashion is a way of life, Fashion has taken over the world, it’s like culture, Fashion is everything which comes within you, from your innermost self. The way you combine materials for a unique appearance.
Unilag hasn’t been left out in the Fashion Line, as Idowu Damilola, a 300L Student of Mathematics Department owns the 7 Months Old UnilagFashion Brand.
The aim is to inspire people through fashion since fashion is something that comes from within you. Lots of Unilag Students are engraved in fashion by expressing themselves and letting the world see what their ideas are.
Thanks to UnilagFashion for Unilag have a taste of the Fashion world.
Follow Unilagfashion on IG: @Unilagfashion
Contact them for Fashion tips and latest Fashion styles 08163297811


Don’t be surprised to see Sci_Fash, Sci_fash was coined from 2 words, Science and Fashion, yeah! you know that now.
The CEO of Sci_Fash, Asemota Dan aka Dahrn, a 300L student of the Department of Botany is a social media guru who was tasked with starting up a Fashion Media for the Faculty of Science. Sci_fash is the first Social Media Platform representing a Faculty in Unilag.
They are engaged with getting the Fashion stars in the Faculty for each day, what you don’t know also is that Sci_Fash is 5 Months old and they are venturing into other pubs and outlets.
Follow Sci_fash on IG: @Sci_fash
Contact them if you feel you’ve got that taste of fashion within you, remember they are Science oriented.


Our number 1 Unilag Oriented Brand with 7.2K followers on IG is LifeInUnilag.
 This Brand is run by Stevaane, who feels the Life of a Unilag Student is a major concern and a great point of view to be considered. LifeInUnilag has experienced a large change within a very little time.
 They portray and show what happens in Unilag from the Lecture room to the Halls of Residences, Library, Places of Worship and events going happening on Campus.
 Follow LifeInUnilag on IG: @Lifeinunilag
Contact them on phone 0905 992 6194.
This Analysis was brought to you courtesy of Unilag__Olofofo.
Follow us on IG: @unilag__olofofo
BBM Pin: 564A0FBC
BBM Channel: C001E5E98.

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