#LifeInUnilag: Episode 7! – IF LOVE IS A CRIME by Mannie

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“Who are you?

This was the question that rung through Elena’s mind as she sat in the driver’s seat of her Beatle car,

hitting her head on the steering wheel enough to give her a very prominent bruise. She kept hitting

her head on it still. Elena’s Beatle was a gift given to her by her grandfather before he passed away.

They were close – Elena and Grandpa Mohammed; they did everything together and she loved him

even more than she loved her parents.

But then he got HIV.

How an old man got HIV, no one knew… But it still wasn’t good.

Suddenly, Elena began to see less and less of him.

Sure, she begged her parents to let her see Grandpa Mohammed almost occasionally; but they

always had one excuse or the other. Elena’s parents were business people and politicians as well.

They were embarrassed to be associated with a person so close to AIDS, and so they extended this

fear to their beloved little girl.

And before she knew it, Elena was sitting in on funeral talks.

A few days after that, the young girl walked into her father’s office; which was usually locked but

was open for some weird reason that day. She was looking for novels to read during her junior WAEC

break – and just so happened to find a small box filled with letters from Grandpa Mohammed

begging his son and daughter-in- law to let him see his only Granddaughter.

The poor girl was shocked, but more than that she was disheartened. She cried and cried and cried!

And thanks to this little event, she was never the same!

In less than a year, she had had two boyfriends, lost her virginity, gotten suspended thrice and stolen

from her parent’s accounts.

For two years, Elena was a rebel – a w

For two years, Elena was a rebel – a wild one at that.

But then she met Ryan when she was transferred to West Lagos High. He was a transfer student just

like her, and soon became t. He was a transfer student just like her, and soon became the only

person that got her; the only person that understood her; the only person that didn’t judge her

because of her weird personality or heavy gothic make-up.

Elena and Ryan kissed on the third week of them; the only person that understood her; the only

person that didn’t judge her because of her weird personality or heavy gothic make-up.

Elena and Ryan kissed on the third week of them meeting.

And it was magical, not because it was sexual or because birds sang ‘African Queen’, but because

Ryan was exactly what she craved – he had this wildness in him, this endless burning fire in him that

she needed to keep her flames on point.

They were a match.

Or at least she thought so…

“Young girl, I said who are you?, Nurse Titi asked Elena again, this time she wasn’t using her friendly


The young girl stood in the corner still thinking of a lie, and just as she was about to say something

that probably wouldn’t be smart – an old-looking man barged in, walking stick in one hand as he

began saying;

“Oh! Tonia, here you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere” He had such shake in his voice as he

said this; you could tell he was well above seventy.

“Sorry, and you are?, Nurse Titi asked

“Her grandfather of course, he answered “we came to get me some flu shots. This body is no longer

as strong as it used to be in the 90’s you know?” He followed this with a brief laugh.

“Is this your grandfather?, The nurse turned to Elena.

Elena was confused at first, but then she analysed the situation a bit more and suddenly understood

what was going on. She nodded!

Clyde on the other hand, was still confused – he was sure he heard this mystery girl say she didn’t

have any family left.

“It still doesn’t explain why you’re in here, the nurse continued.

Elena was just about to speak when the old man interrupted “It’s my fault, I wasn’t specific when I

texted her to come and pick me. She was probably just looking for my room”

“Oooooh!, Nurse Titi exclaimed as if she had finally understood. She turned to face Elena again “Is

that what happened. You could have just said that instead of lying that Mummy Sodeinde is your

grandma nau!”

Elena smiled, as she tried hard to avoid staring at Clyde who was now completely muddled on who

she was.

“You’re right, I’m very sorry. I just panicked” the young girl immediately apologised

“Its okay!

In seconds, Elena and the old man were out of the hospital, and she walked with him to his car

which was parked way at the back. Once they had reached the vicinity of the vehicle, not even the

vehicle itself… she began “Oh my God! Thank you for..

Before she could add anything else to that sentence, the young girl was backed into a corner with his

hands on her neck, almost strangling her. She didn’t struggle.

“Next time you won’t be so lucky, trust me, Clyde threatened as he began taking off the fake

goatee, and old skin on his face. All that was left was the white hair. “What part of ‘stay away from

this boy and his father’ don’t you get. Honestly, I knew you were daft but this is a whole new level of

stupidity on you, Ellie!”

“What we did…. It’s not right, the young girl said in between breaths, with her ‘boyfriends’ hands still

on her neck.

“And so?, He exclaimed, releasing his grip. “Is this the first time you’re doing something that isn’t


“No, but we… you killed someone?

“Story for the gods, let me tell you now – if we’re going down we’re going down together!”

“You wouldn’t do that to me”

“Be there! You saw what I just pulled off just so you wouldn’t expose us. Now did you ever stop to

wonder how I knew you’d be here, even after I warned you not to?, How I knew to wear this silly

costume” he waved the fake goatee and old skin in her face. “Elena I’m warning you now oh! I may

love you – but even love has its boundaries, and you’ve already crossed the line once. I’d hate for

you to do it a second time! For your own safety of course!”

After his wicked speech, Ryan got in his car and zoomed off leaving Elena standing in an empty

parking space of a federal hospital; feeling useless.

She immediately ran into her car, to cry her eyes out. She would have stayed in that same position

all day, if she didn’t notice Clyde’s girlfriend – Selma coming into the hospital with fastfood bags in

her hands; Elena definitely didn’t want her seeing her there – and so instantly, she turned on her

ignition and drove inconspicuously out of the hospital



“Did you really have to do that – to your best friend of all people?, Clyde asked as he and Selma tied

Amaka to the window bars; she was still unconscious from having her best friend smash a vase on

her head for asking too many questions about the dead body in their room (Elena Mohammed).

“Exactly!, Selma answered as she tore a part of her gown to perfect the tying “Amaka’s my best

friend, I know her – and trust me she wouldn’t have let go. This was the only way”

“Okay oh!, Clyde replied, with a sly smile that just couldn’t get away.

“What now!?, She asked

“Oh nothing!, Clyde answered “I just like this shoot-first kind of Selma. Its sexy!”

“Seriously Cee, with a dead body in the room that’s all you can think of – how sexy I’m being?”

“I’m sorry, the thirsty boy sulked.

“Whatever, Selma continued “Let’s just get this over with”

In less than thirty minutes, and especially without Amaka conscious to distract them, Clyde and

Selma had managed to wrap Elena’s body fully.

“So what now!, She asked staring at her boyfriend to make the next move.

Clyde didn’t say anything, he just looked at one of the suitcases in the corner of the room, and Selma

knew what he was getting at. Sure it was inhumane to stuff a person’s corpse in a luggage; but these

two lovers felt they were doing the right thing.


Once this was done, Clyde and Elena came up with the brilliant plan to have Clyde take the luggage

down like it was just that – luggage, and then place it in his car, while she remains in the room until

Amaka regains consciousness, and then they both talk enough to convince the bestie that all will be


It was a perfect plan.

Or so it seemed.

Just as Clyde left the hotel room, with the travelling bag holding a teenage girls dead corpse; Elena

made sure to lock the door.

Clyde had stepped into the elevator, and the doors where about closing when he heard two

gunshots come from inside the room he just left.


Written by – Mannie

Twitter- @dats_soo_mannie


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