Over the past one week, Unilag has seen a riot take place on two occasions, witnessed the schools’ closing till further notice and students have no idea when they will
write their first semester exams; this is truly sad.

The first semester exams were scheduled to begin tomorrow, April 18th and now no one has any idea when the exams will start. Note that some other Universities have already finished their first semester exams and others have started a new session.

The matter of who is right or wrong should not be a contributing factor to the grand scheme of things anymore, not with the present situation that all Unilag students are facing. Staying at home and having no idea when school will resume is to put it simply; absolutely maddening.

We want to resume, we want to write our exams, we don’t want an extra year nor an extra semester, we want a better Unilag; WE WANT BETTER!

By Naga Avan-Nomayo

Posted By Jesuisnaga


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