#LifeInUnilag: Check out @OLABODESAYGEE’s TOP 5 Fashion items for every Unilag student!


Some say fashion is defined by what you wear, while others define fashion as how you

wear what you wear. But my definition of fashion is how you carry yourself when you wear what you wear. Whatever the definition of fashion maybe there are things that are trendy, some are trending and some trended. Here are 5 fashion items that are trending and trendy in the University of First Choice –  University of Lagos.


1. Bowler hat– This fashion item has been in existence from way back but was brought back by fashion pundits and fashionistas.

The bowler hat comes in different shapes, sizes and colors and can go with almost every outfit ranging from the normal hippie wear to vintage shirts to cooperate wear and even Agbada.

To get the best bowler hat on the first choice campus contact Fast Track Delivery on 07034662252.


2. Nike Roshe– This is a fashion item owned by 60% of the elite category of students of the first choice campus in Nigeria. The Roshe comes in different colors and designs. And can be worn with hippie wear, sporty wear and some even wear with natives.


3. Gladiator Sandals-this is an item worn by both male and female. It

is quite popular on campus. Though very difficult to wear (as I

have one with 8buckles) and it takes forever to put on but it does

the job well. Can be worn to class, for events or to the cinemas.

A short gown for the ladies or a colored short for the guys with blazers or normal v-neck top. The best and most reliable maker of these gladiators on the 1st choice campus remains LT Riff (contact 08127486116)


4. Vintage Shirts-80% of students of the 1st choice campus in Nigeria

have 1 or more vintage shirts in his or her wardrobe. Girls rock it well with crazy jeans or a long vintage with bumshorts and gladiators with a bowler hat will do the trick when going clubbing for the ladies. The guys wear it with almost anything. To get the best vintage holla Odega Couture (07016879480)

shako x lulu

5. Lulu x Shako bags-These are easy to strap bags indigenously made by a student in the school. The bag is owned by a very large population of the school and can be carried anywhere by anybody with anything. The bags has different deigns and colors.

How an average Unilag guy or girl dresses; you see Odega’s vintage shirts rocked with shorts, Lt Riff’s gladiators, FTD’s bowler hats and carrying the Lulu x Shako bag.

NOTE: And that is that about that but the list won’t be complete if I don’t add the return of CRAZY JEANS on the fashion scene of the university of choice and also this tiny little thing girls wear round their necks, it makes some of them cute but makes some look like…hmm…Lemme reserve my comment, it is called THE CHOKER and 90% of the girls of this campus have it.



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