#LifeInUnilag: The ‘Unilag Anthem’ is on the way! – DROP AN ENTRY AND WIN CASH REWARDS!


The University of Lagos was established by an act of the Federal Parliament in April 1962.  Fifty-two years
after, the University continues to fulfil the vision of the founders of this great Institution.

It is common practice in institutions of higher learning to have an anthem depicting their mission and vision as well as core values.  The Management of the University of Lagos hereby invites gifted and competent members of the university community (students and staff) and alumni to submit suitable lyrics – with or without music – from which the best will be selected to become a worthy anthem for the University.

The anthem should:
Not be more than three stanzas;
Reflect creatively the mission, vision and core values of the University;
Depict the status of the University as “the University of First Choice and the Nation’s Pride”;
Resonate its slogan of  “Great Akokites”;
Be free of any religious traces or overtones either in sound or meaning; and
If by music, the rendition should be artistically appealing and backed up with appropriate rhythm and orchestration.

Submission of Entry:  The entry should be sent to:
e-Mail: registrar@unilag.edu.ng
Secretary, Unilag Anthem Committee,
Registrar’s Office, 5th Floor, Senate House,
University of Lagos of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.

Rewards: Winning entries will attract handsome cash rewards.

Closing Date:  All entries should be received on or before Friday, March 25, 2016.


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