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For a moment there, all Selma can see is the beauty in the hotel room, but most especially, a flower vase on the centre table – decorated so regal, and with different specie of flower sprouting out of it. For a moment there, she feels bliss
“Amaka! Please calm down!” says Clyde as he stands, with Selma by his side; the both of them thinking of what to tell their friend who had just found a carcass under their hotel room bed.
“What do you mean calm down?, She shoots back at them “I said tell me what the hell is going on?” Amaka stands up from her kneel stance on the floor, her glove covered hands pointing at Elena’s body wrapped in a bed sheet.
“And we will! says Clyde “But please you have to tone it down, so we don’t alert anyone!”
 “Don’t alert anyone!, Amaka mimics the poor confused boy “It’s like you don’t realise how serious I am. You dragged my best friend all the way to this hotel, and now I find out the both of you have a dead body under your bed, and you expect me to be calm about the whole thing like it’s a normal Saturday?”
“Please Amaka!, Clyde begs again, rubbing both palms together as he suddenly began kneeling in front of the girl.
Amaka looks away, her gaze landing on her best friend, who is now sobbing silently in the corner.
“Who’s body is it?, she asks, serenely this time; like she is finally adhering to Clyde’s advice
“Amaka I don’t think you’d want to -, Clyde started
She interrupts immediately “I said who’s body is that?
“Amaka, Clyde’s right, Selma manages to chip in from the corner.
Amaka immediately lets out a loud and annoying groan of frustration, throws her hands in the air, almost tearing the arm of the dinner dress she has on. The eighteen year old approaches the body, and yanks a part the blood-stained bed sheet off it.
“Amaka NO!, Clyde and Selma chorus uniformly, stretching their hands forward like that would stop her from looking at who the person is.
She takes a look at what Clyde and Selma have been hiding  and gasps intensely at the gory sight..
Besides her being totally silent throughout her ride to school with her big brother, Ben; As Selma walked into the busy world that was West Lagos High, after minutes of deliberating whether or not to even show up to school that day, she was immediately ambushed by Amaka, and their three other follow follow friends. This was what Amaka and Selma called these girls because they had not even bothered to learn their names.
“Selma!!!, they all exclaimed at the same time in very prolonged and pitiful tones like something bad had just happened to her, this was followed by Amaka giving her friend one of the saddest hugs in the history of embraces.
“We heard what happened?, said friend 1 “Are you okay?
“Yeah, Selma lied, tucking her braids behind her ears.
Amaka knew this was a big lie, but she just played on and asked “What about Clyde?,
Hearing her boyfriend’s name, for some reason, wanted to bring tears into Selma’s eyes, but being the strong girl she was – she held it in.
Selma replied “As good as anyone who’s dad just fell into a coma can be!”
“I thought you said you weren’t                gonna come today, cos; Cee needs you”
Selma sighed “Apparently he doesn’t. He’s refused to talk to anybody, and I couldn’t stay there any more. I just couldn’t –
Tears rapidly began forming in Selma’s eyes, and her friends knew it was time to end the conversation. The bell rang right after.
“You guys should go for the seminar; said Amaka to the follow follow friends “Selma and I will be right behind you”
And like the obedient puppies they were, friends 1, 2 and 3 walked out of sight and into the main auditorium for the school seminar for the outgoing SS3 students.
Once they thought they were alone in the lockerhall, Selma broke out crying “He’s not talking to me. He doesn’t even wanna see me –
Amaka embraced her friend for the second time, rocking her this time. “It’s okay
“I just wanna help, Selma added
“I know babes, I know, Amaka replied “You just gotta give him some time, that’s all. And you can’t keep carrying this on your shoulder alone, okay? If anyone should be feeling remorseful or guilty right now, it’s those foolish thugs that thought it was smart to rob a struggling mechanic in his workplace, shoot him and put him in a coma!!!
“Yeah, I guess. But still, if I had been there for Clyde, it probably –
“Probably what? Look Selma let me be honest with you – there’s nothing you can do that can change what happened okay. But you can be rest assured that the girl and guy that shot Mr. Bello will pay dearly
“Oh! I know they will! The police is on it Already
As Amaka said this, they both heard a locker being slammed shut on the other side of the locker hall.
“Please Let’s go for the seminar!, Amaka quickly suggested.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the locker hall, a scared and paranoid Elena had her back rested against her locker, as the words she had mistakenly heard the best friends say, began forming dance steps in her head.foolish thugs, rob, struggling mechanic, workplace, coma, police…
In that moment, Elena felt nothing but FEAR! Mind-blowing, pee- inducing, leg weakening FEAR!
Amaka takes several steps back once she realises whose body it is, wrapped in the bedsheet, her hands cover her mouth out of shock.
“Please tell me that’s’ not –
“Elena!, Selma exclaims, catching the attention of everyone in the room “yes. Its her!”
“And you guys. You guys did this?, Amaka asks reluctantly, like she doesnt want to know what the answer would be
“No! Of course not!, Clyde replies
“And why are you making it look like I’ve said something wrong!
“Because you know us that’s why. Clyde replies “Are we really people that can do such a thing?”
“First of all., Amaka corrects “I know Selma, I barely know you. So don’t come here talking like we’ve been friends since JSS1”
Clyde rolls his eyes
“Secondly, Amaka hasn’t been herself all day, and sincerely speaking I have no idea what she can do for love these days!”
“Amaka that’s not fair!, Selma yells, but she gets no attention. And so she turns her attention back to the pretty flower and the beautiful flower vase.
“Okay then, Amaka continues “if the both of you didn’t murder her, who did? And before you say she committed suicide like her boyfriend, remember that I’ve got a brain!”
“Its too long to explain, Amaka!, Said as he begins fidgeting. Its almost four oclock – daytime is fast approaching, and he needs to get rid of the body
“We have all night!
“Actually we don’t –
“Clyde let me make this clear. You don’t have a choice here. You’ve dragged my best friend into committing murder and –
“I didn’t drag her into anything! Clyde snapped back at her
“Whatever, you want to tell me you didn’t say you promise to kill Elena and her boyfriend when you found out what they did to you?
“Yeah, I said that. But THIS was an accident –
“And I said I don’t believe you. So its either you start explaining or I call –
In that moment, for some weird reason, Amaka suddenly stops screaming. It Is in this same moment that Clyde hears ceramic shatter on the floor, the screaming lady comes crashing down.
Amaka lays unconscious on the floor;
With pieces of a broken flower vase all over the ground
Clyde screams out of fear, and looks up only to see Selma right in front of him, panting hard; she obviously smashed the vase on her best friends head.
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