He looked deep into her eyes, those light brown eyes that had charmed him since day one. She was everything he had ever wanted; smart, tall, funny and she understood him better than he did himself. Nothing else mattered when

he was with her, not the pouring rain nor the thunder claps in the skies. She was his focus, his inspiration, his addiction. He would never grow tired of her nor stop loving her. He could describe her in a single word with a thousand meanings; PERFECT.  She was perfect in every sense of the sense of the word; her walk, her talk, the way she smiled at him made him feel like a king.
He held her in his arms, brought her face to his chest and in that moment, everything stopped. He remembered when she walked past him in the hall way and how her perfume filled the air. He turned around to say hi but she had walked off. He spent the entire week daydreaming of her, remembering her perfume; it smelled of rose petals, something straight out of the movies I guess. Mira was the embodiment of beauty and he couldn’t just get her out his head.
He was on his way home and there she was again, hair tied in a ponytail with a face that shined brighter than a hundred suns. He worked up the nerve to talk to her and said “hi, I’m Xavier” as he stretched his hand to shake her. Mira looked at him, looked at his hand and said “so?” . she walked off leaving him there, thinking about his life. He was about to walk away when he heard a scream. He turned and saw it…

By Naga The Edoghostwriter

A big shout out to Uba. The title of this new web series was her idea. Read her blog http://www.thepoeticturk.wordpress.com

Posted By Jesuisnaga


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