#LifeInUnilag: MUST READ – How JAMB score affects your admission into Unilag

It’s a popular thing that Unilag makes use of Utme score combined with post Utme score to determine students admission into its programmes but it’s not clear to many the formula for the combination. In this post, I will quickly explain how your jamb score can affect your admission into Unilag…

Unilag makes use of Utme and post Utme scores equally, no one is more used or considered over the other.  It’s a 50:50 thing.

Utme score = 50 mark

Post Utme score = 50 marks.

Now, you might want to say but Utme total score is always 400 marks? Yes, I know.

Unilag logic is like this; whatever you score over 400 in Utme will be divided by 8 to get the equivalent over 50. In order words, if you score 200/400 in Utme, your 200 will be divided by 8 and that will give 25 marks in Utme. This explains why the higher your jamb score the better your chances.

Don’t forget that 400/8 = 50. Which is the total score for Utme only.

To get this whole thing perfectly, divide your current Utme score by 8 and whatever you get is your Utme score calculation.
Don’t forget I said that according to Unilag; Utme = 50 marks and post Utme = 50 marks.

Source: Unilag Admissions Guide


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