#LifeInUnilag: Teju Baby Face, Koffi, Kenny Blaq and more thrill audience at #UnilagFiesta

Indeed, the Unilag Alumni Edutainment Fiesta was amazing in every sense of the word. The programme kicked to a start with breath-taking performances by artistes

including Fresh, Chills, Yung Ace, Deola the Best, Deymy, Prince Jay, Deshina and an awesome saxophonist,                                     . IMG_9250The master of ceremony, the popular lamu of Unilag FM 103.1, went ahead to introduce the DJ of the night, DJ Cool. IMG_9216.JPGThe president of the Unilag alumni association, Mr Olorogun Kuku was also introduced.

IMG_9270.JPG We asked for rib cracking and we got exactly that from an alumnus of Unilag, the great comedian,  Koffi.IMG_9304.JPG He then brought on stage another comedian, Alfred Josh (Josh 2 Funny). His performance cracked up the entire audience. Koffi then went ahead to debut his song, askor, with boomerang. How was the song? Nothing short of amazing!

Some lecturers present including Professor Awenusi and Professor Akinteye were recognised. The arrival of top-notch Nollywood veteran actress, Bukky Wright, caused an uproar from the audience. Speak of being genuinely loved and appreciated! A.J. Wright, the son of Bukky Wright then performed a wonderful song of his shortly after.

The beloved Vice Chancellor, Professor Rahamon Ade Bello then gave a short talk during which he praised the department of creative arts for being responsible for producing quite a number of people in the entertainment industry. He also stated the undeniable fact that Unilag leads while others follow. To round off his talk, he enjoined the audience to enjoy every bit of the night. Guess what! He danced a little before he got off the stage!

The deputy vice chancellor, Mr Duro Oni, the registrar, Mrs Taiwo Folashade Ipaye, the bursar, Dr. Rasheed Odekunle, the provost medilag, Professor Folashade and a past vice chancellor, Professor Ibidapo Obe were all in attendance.

Ever heard of the internet slang, ‘rofl’ (rolling on the floor laughing)? That was the exact effect the performance of the next performer had on the entire audience. Wondering who this performer was? Well, wonder no more as it could not have been any other than the great, the spectacular, Teju babyface! After the audience had recovered from laughing, he gave a short admonition and ended it by enjoining everyone to hold on tightly to God in whatever situation.

Just when everyone thought they had had the last of comedy, an extraordinary comedian, Kenny Blaq swept everyone off their feet, literally! Amazing comedians, bash and laff up showed not the littlest mercy as they cracked the ribs of many.

No, that was not the end of amazing performances. Dotman went up on stage to thrill the audience with his song. Then a guitarist stole hearts as he performed magic on his guitar.

Now, the best part! David Crusader, a group of three young boys came up on stage to perform. Speak of being wowed! First, they performed amazing lip sync to a skit. As if that was not good enough, they danced so energetically. Then the bang! The person who appeared to be the youngest (by my assumption he should be between the ages 10 and 13) did cartwheels. Fifty cartwheels! Continuously!!!

You know there is a difference between tricks and magic! The next performer performed magic. Real magic! He did a lot of amazing things that got people wondering how he did them. He, to everyone’s amazement, played with fire. Real fire! How was the audience while he was performing? One word, awestruck!

The event came to a wrap with Unilag’s next rated artiste, Sefhan performing his hit single, ello!

The event was nothing short of amazing all through. I know one thing for sure! Every single person in the audience was glad to be at the Unilag edutainment fiesta 3.0 and not for a single moment did they regret being there. Speak of an event being a success back to back!


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