He demanded that she give him the key but all she said was “If it’s the key you want, come and get it”. Steven was horrified by those words; he could barely move as shock had paralyzed him. Though his body felt numb, his mind was going through all the conspiracy theories he could think up. One obviously seemed to stick “THIS WITCH IS DAMN CRAZY”. In all the time he had known Juliet, her ‘crase’ had some kind of limit ; now it just seemed someone had gone into the cage in hell and set her loose upon the face of the Earth.

Juliet stood in front of the only door to the room and she had the key; it was like someone in Heaven had beef with Steven today sha. He tried getting the key without initiating anything intimate but each time he tried she just touched him all over. A normal guy would just go with the flow of things but not Steven; no way no, he was far too smart for that. Her psychotic tendencies right now had already passed the Jokers and like Batman, Steven was going to kick her ass all the way to the asylum.

While she was prowling around the door like a lioness watching her food play around, he was searching the drawers but still watching her. Lo and behold, he found a Knife and a metal rod. BIKO WHICH NORMAL PERSON KEEPS A FREAKING KNIFE AND A METAL ROD IN THEIR BEDROOM DRAWER! SHEY THAT ONE NO BE SIGN OF CRACE NI? ABI SHE WAN USE AM COMB HAIR OR SCRATCH BACK?

When he pulled them out her smiling face turned to pure mad rage. She screamed and attacked him. OMO MY GUY DID SOME JAMES BOND MIXED WITH JACKIE CHAN MOVES THERE . After dodging he ran into the bathroom and jammed the door with a large stool. AGAIN WHO KEEPS A STOOL IN THEIR BATHROOM NA?! He kept the knife in his pocket in case of incasity; he didn’t know whether Juliet could pass through doors or something. He still had the metal rod in his hand and he got an insane idea. You know that thing they do in movies when the guy uses a rod and a wet towel to break iron bars of a jail? Yeah he was going to do that.

He had to hurry up and break the final bar on the window before she broke in and went hulk on him. He finally broke it, opened the window and was half way out when he felt her hands dragging his legs back. He pushed harder and kicked around till he fell out. His landing was hard and he broke his arm but that was the least of his worries. He was more worried about the wolf sized dog growling in front of him and looking like it hadn’t eaten for days! ONCE AGAIN, STEVEN WAS EXTREMELY SCREWED!!!

By Naga Avan-Nomayo
The Edoghostwriter.

Posted By Jesuisnaga


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