#LifeInUnilag: ‘If Love Is A Crime’ episode 4 is here! – by Mannie

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Clyde stood in the hospital room, still in shock as his watched the doctor examine his father, who was lying unconscious on the hospital bed, with a bandaged bullet wound  on the chest.


He mind wandered back to barely two hours ago, when he foolishly stood up to the robbers – when he could have just given them the keys to the car. He also wondered what would have happened if he simply just checked who it was at the garage door before letting the robbers in, in the first place.
In short, the young boy blamed himself for everything.
Soon, the doctor was done with his examination of Bello, he was about to say something when Clyde jumped in his mouth.
“Is he gonna be okay?”
“He’s stable. NOW!” The doctor answered “But he’ll need rest. Can you give him that?”
“Of course Sir,
The doctor was about leaving when he turned to face the boy and added “Oh! And seeing as this was a gunshot wound, we had to report to the police, so they’ll be here any minute for a little questioning. Hope that’s fine?”
Clyde couldn’t t speak anymore, he just nodded in reply, and watched as the doctor left the room.
He then walked up to his father, held the old man’s hand – the one not connected to drips, and suddenly tears began forming in his hands; but for some reason, he just couldn’t form the right words to explain how sorry he was.
“It’s all my fault!, He exclaimed to himself.
In that moment he heard a voice behind him say “No, it’s not!
In moments like this, Clyde would have cleaned off his tears just so no one would see him crying and know he could be an emotional person; but instead, the young man simply  turned around, stared his girlfriend in the eye, walked up to her and gave her a hug, followed by endless sobbing.
“It’s okay Cee, it’s gonna be okay!” Selma said softly as she held him tight, she turned to face her best friend AMAKA
who had driven her there, and gave her a nod as if saying ‘You can go. I got this’
Meanwhile, on the other part of Lagos, lovers – Elena and Ryan were in the middle of Ryan’s sitting room, trying to figure out their next move, and bickering along with it.
Ryan sat on the couch, his hands on his cheeks, while Elena paced around the vicinity.
And then she snapped “Why do you look so calm?”
“Why shouldn’t I be?
“I don’t know. Maybe because we just shot a man, and probably killed him”
“Oh! Stop being over dramatic. He’ll survive”
“And if he doesn’t? That makes us murderers. I may have agreed to join you in this fun grand theft auto thing; but never murder, Ryan. NEVER MURDER!”
“And I did?, Ryan asked back “Look, I know what happened okay. I saw the wound. He’s gonna survive”
“For your sake and mine, I hope you’re right Ryan, I really do!”
“When am I never!”
Elena rolled her eyes at this statement, but Ryan couldn’t care less – he was shit scared. But then again, he didn’t want her to know that!
“So lemme get this straight, Selma began, as she sat in the waiting room with Clyde – the both of them with cups of smoothee, only difference was that Clyde hadn’t touched his’. “You refused to give them the keys, wrestled with them and then your dad got shot?”
“Yeah, something like that!
“Don’t say something like that. Simple yes or no would do!, she snapped
And like an obedient puppy Clyde said “YES!
“And you say they were two?
“Yeah, a guy and a girl
“How could you tell?
“I just could
“I just could is not an answer, HOW COULD YOU TELL?
“In their voices. One sounded like a guy, and the other had a more feminine voice
“Speak louder!, Selma snapped again
“Ahan!, Whats your deal na!, Clyde snapped back “Why are you being so mean all of a sudden?”
“I’m not. I’m just preparing you cos; that’s exactly how the police are gonna be when they arrive”
“I’m not sure it’ll be that bad,
“Be there!, the young girl hissed, throwing her face away; she turned back only to see how sad her boyfriend really was. She quickly added “Cee, I’m sorry, I’m just worried for you that’s all!
“And I’m not?
“I didn’t say that!”
“You might as well have. Look, Selma right now all I want is you with me. Nothing el—
In that moment, Clyde stopped speaking and kept staring at the scene behind Selma.
“What is it?, She asked but he didn’t answer, so she looked back  for herself and noticed three men in uniform, approaching them.
Selma watched in anxiety from outside as the detectives questioned Clyde in one of the empty wards, her fingers were in her mouth, and she was already so close to chewing them off when it began to look like they were rounding up; they flipped their notebooks and began heading outside, with Clyde following from behind.
Once they were out of the ward, Selma waited for the one sign to prove everything was fine, and she got it – the detective shook Clyde’s hands and promised they’d try their best to find the people who robbed their business.
As they walked out of the hospital, Selma walked up to her boyfriend and gave him a warm embrace.
“Thank God!, she said
“Yeah, Thank God!, Clyde repeated
And just like that, as if the devil had been waiting for a moment to play this sick joke, Clyde and Selma began hearing an alarming noise coming from what seemed to be his father’s ward, and the nurses were rushing to it simultaneously.
Like that, Clyde Bello’s world came crashing down. AGAIN!
“What are we gonna do now?  She can’t be here when we want to move the body!, Clyde whispers as he and Selma discuss in the hotel bathroom, after lying to AMAKA that they were just going to freshen up.
“I know that!, Selma answers
“Get her to leave na!
“How? She won’t listen to me. She doesn’t listen to anybody, you know Amaka now!”
“WHATS TAKING THE TWO OF YOU SO LONG?, Amaka screams from the hotel room “Haven’t you guys already finished doing nasty sturrvs before I came here, eh?”

Amaka smiles at herself as she said this.

Clyde and his girlfriend roll their eyes
“We’ll be right out!, Selma squeals
“Just send her out then”
“No!, Selma protests “She’ll know we’re hiding something”
“Okay then what do you suggest we do, huh?
As Selma thinks for a while, Amaka gets impatient, she sits on the bed in the hotel room fiddling with her phone; reading articles and twitter posts about young Ryan, who had committed suicide. She feels somewhat sad as she read this. Perharps its because she had a thing for him.
“Aw Common now this is getting too much, She exclaims again “What are the two of you doing inside there anyway?”
Without even leaving a  moment to think, Amaka stands up and begins heading to the hotel bathroom, unfortunately for her – there is a mini-table on the floor she had failed to notice and so she falls flat on the rug.
This is followed by a very loud scream.
Immediately, Clyde and Selma rush out of the hotel bathroom, only to see Amaka kneeling on the floor; she had taken the mattress off totally and is now staring at the corpse wrapped in first grade bed sheet.
“Please tell me this isn’t what I think it is!, is the next thing she says.
writer – mannie

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