The University of Lagos has partnered with some private companies in order to develop special skills that will make students self employed as well as market ready for the job industry.

Professor Rahman Bello, the Vice Chancellor of the University made this disclosure during the 2014/2015 pre convocation media briefing.

Professor Rahman said that the University has in- house facilities to develop special skills, “which we do by partnering with some companies. For example at the Faculty Engineering we have partnership with LG Company, and they have an air conditioning center.

That center is to provide all that is needed to be known about air conditioning maintenance ranging from its design, fabrication, window unit or the central unit”.
Students are trained in the center to be self employed and to be market ready for companies that deals in mechanical or air conditioning, he said.

Also, the University also partners with an automobile company that deals in the maintenance of vehicle. The automobile center shall also help to train students in automobile and make them independent. IBM is also another company enlisted to have been training interested students in cyber security and mobile systems.
In order to produce telecommunication savvy experts, the University was also said to be working on its telecommunication lab. The project according to the Vice Chancellor has received interest from “some alumni of the school who promised to supply the school with their used 2G and 3G products for students to be trained”.

Additionally, the Professor disclosed that the English Lab of the school is underway. He said “we are setting up an English lab for those that have to do with communication; writing, reading or speaking skills. Spoken English needs to be improved as some graduates cannot write or speak good English due to social media influence”.

Meanwhile, The University of Lagos Entrepreneurship development and skill center is ready. The center has the objective of developing students’ basic skills in entrepreneurship; and helping those that have the entrepreneurship tendencies realize their potential. The latter group shall be linked to financers to sponsor their projects and thus making them incubators of small scale business.

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