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“You guys open this door, right NOW!, Amaka screams for the tenth time as she keeps on banging on the door. This kind of noise naturally would have alerted the residents of the hotel, if only they weren’t on the top most floor.

Clyde shoots Selma a stern look, to which she answers “I told her before this happened, I didn’t – I didn’t..

The poor girl suddenly begins stammering

“Why would you even tell her in the first place?, Clyde snaps “this location was supposed to be between the two of us”

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry

“Your ‘I’m sorry’ is not going to solve anything, He adds

In that moment, Amaka begins hitting the room door again, this time – harder.

“Clyde if you don’t open this door in the next thirty seconds, the noise will not end here oh!”

Clyde lets out a loud groan of frustration as she stares at the corpse on the floor, the bed without a bed sheet, the destroyed phone on the floor, the knife on the table and his suit tie and jacket laying on one  of the chairs.

“Get up!, He exclaims, as though an idea had come to him.

“Clyde –, Selma hesitates

“I said get up, we don’t have time!

Amaka isn’t bluffing; the moment she’s done counting to thirty, she is all over the place. Gladly, that doesn’t last long, because Clyde unlocks the door soon after.

“Hey Amaka!, He interjects, rubbing his eyes like he just woke up from a deep sleep “What is all the noise about, you scared the hell out of –

“Abeg shift! says the girl, as she pushes the young man clad in night robe aside and walks her way into the dark hotel room.

“Will you put on the light!, She demands “Who are the both of you deceiving?”

Clyde hisses as he flips the switch for the lights and to Amaka’s surprise, the room is totally in order; clean, and just perfect looking, almost like it hadn’t just been occupied by a dead girl’s body at all.

Just then, she hears someone groan, and turned to see her best friend, Selma stretching on the bed and yawning “What’s happening?, Ahan! Amaka what are you doing here, at this time?”

“You just shuttup there! You can’t even pretend to sleep properly”

Amaka’s hands point at her friends legs, which are still fully fitted inside her red six inch heels.

Clyde hangs his head.

Selma sighs out of embarrassment for herself.

“Look, I don’t care about whatever freaky thing you guys were doing before I came that would involve Selma keeping her shoes on, on bed” Amaka informs “I just heard about what happened on the news, and wanted to be sure you guys weren’t involved

“What news! Selma and Clyde exclaim

Amaka hissed “When last did you guys see a television, it’s everywhere already!

“What is?, Clyde asks again

Immediately, she reaches for the table to grab the TV remote controller. Selma and Clyde shake in fear as she does this, seeing as they had forgotten to take the knife off the table. But lucky enough, Amaka couldn’t care any less, she grabs the remote, turns on the TV on the wall to the news channel and exclaims

“See for yourself?

A female voice is reporting the news.

Clyde and Selma listen inventively as she speaks

“Further investigation has proved that the man who in fact fell from the roof top of West Lagos High School building minutes ago, is in fact graduating student – Ryan Musa. Whether or not it was a suicide or he was being pushed is still being investigated by the medical team of the police. Further information will be –

Immediately, Clyde begins to get flashbacks of Ryan’s text he and Selma read on Elena’s phone half an hour ago, was that what he meant by ‘goodbye’? Did he really off himself?

Quickly, he snatches the remote from Amaka’s hands and turns the TV off

He turns to look at Selma, who is now shivering with fear, sympathy and a rush of other emotions, and then he turns to face Amaka saying “so what? You thought we had something to do with that?

“Well yeah. After what he did to you guys. I just –

“Do we really look like people that can drive someone to commit suicide?, Clyde snaps as he throws the remote on the floor “I can understand you suspecting me – but Selma?  Aren’t you guys like besties?

“Look I’m sorry, okay, Amaka tries to apologise “I just panicked when I heard the news. I didn’t think – I just

“It’s okay, Selma chips in, still on the bed “We get it –

Amaka lets out a sigh of relief, walks up to the bed and sits, her face turning back to the blank TV screen.

“Poor Elena – she’s gonna be really devastated when she finds out. First, that other thing, now her boyfriend commits suicide. I wonder where she is now.

As Amaka says these words, Selma and Clyde give each other looks. They are scared; they both are, because right there and then, under the bed Selma and Amaka are on, Elena’s body is slowly decaying.


The atmosphere was hot, and a little foggy, noises of different machines roaring and clinging filled the air; as Clyde Bello helped his father – Kehinde fix a car.

Despite being the son of a very popular widowed street-mechanic, Clyde was also one in training; and he loved every bit of it, even more than he loved school.

When Clyde and his father got to work on some minor fixes together, they always incorporated small talk into it. This time was no different.

Bello noticed how ‘down’ his son had been since the day before, but had been avoiding talking about it, that is until his son threw a screwdriver that almost broke a windshield.

“Should I even ask?

“Please don’t, Clyde replied

“Okay fine –

“Its Selma, Okay!?

The father let out a short sigh, along with a sly smile. “What about your girlfriend?

“She’s being really, she’s being really, Clyde was lost for words to describe his feelings towards Selma right then, and so he just added a loud “Ugh!”

Mr. Bello laughed “Clyde use your words”

“Okay, well – she’s been rubbing the fact that she’s going off to University and leaving me here, all in my face. And now she doesn’t even want to go for what might as well be our last event together!”

“She doesn’t want to go to prom?, Mr. Bello asked, surprised at the fact that a GIRL wouldn’t want to attend her senior prom “Well that’s a first – Did she say why?

“Yeah, but it was all B.S!

“Hmmm. I’m sorry son. but I still don’t understand something. What do you mean by she’s leaving you – you’re both heading off to University this year na, so why…

Bello stopped speaking the moment he noticed his son’s reaction to the word ‘University’.

“What was that? Why did you make that face?

“What face?”

“When I said ‘You’re going to University’, you made a face? Why? Is there something I should know?

“I wanted to wait until graduation on Friday to tell you, Clyde answered in a soft tone “But since we’re talking about it. Dad, I don’t think I wanna go to school, at least not this year!”

“Sorry what! The father exclaimed, he felt like a sword had been plunged deep into his heart “Toluwanimi, I want to believe I did not hear that rubbish that just came out of your mouth!”

“Aww common dad, I like this – He gestured at the exhaust pipe of the car he and his dad were working on “This is what I wanna do. University can’t teach me that!”

“Says who? Look son – I don’t want to hear that rubbish come out of your mouth again. You going to University and that’s final!”

“Well, its not your life to live!, Clyde muttered to himself in anger .

“What did you say?

“Nothing, Sir!

Just then, there was a knock on the garage door. Without even taking a moment to think, Clydegot up from where he was with his father, dropped the tools he was working with and walked up to the entrance to answer the knock.


The armed robbers were swift in their operation. In two minutes, they had taken every valuable thing Clyde and his father had on them. But of course, they couldn’t leave without dropping behind their popular signature.

As Clyde and his father lay on the floor, with their hands on their head; they couldn’t help but be amazed at the uniqueness of these robbers in masks; one was a guy, the other a girl and they both appeared to be in sync and very gifted in their work. From their voices, it was also clear that they weren’t even that old, but with the way they held the guns – one would think they had military training.

They were about leaving, when the devil decided to possess the robber guy, and so he yelled “Give us the key to that car?

He pointed at one of the vehicles parked in the corner – a sleek looking Hyndai Classic.

“What?, Mr. Bello asked

“Are you deaf? I said give us the key to the car. NOW!

“Common, Clyde snapped “You people have already taken everything we have. Just go  and leave us in peace na!

“See this one!, the guy continued “Who are you forming English for. I said give us the key to that car unless you want me to shoot somebody today”

There was a moment of no action, in which the girl in the mask actually began telling her partner “Let’s just go already”

“No!, He exclaimed “They must give us that car!

“No! We won’t!!, Clyde interjected, surprising everyone in the garage as he stood up, despite having two guns pointed at him.

“Will you get back down!

“And if I don’t?, He asked as he began walking up to them

“Clyde what are you doing?, Mr. Bello whispered to his son

“Listen to your father, boy!, The guy added

“You already have what you want. The car isn’t ours, so NO! We are not handing you the keys!

“It’s like you’re high! I’ll pull this trigger oh!

Mr. Bello added again “Clyde just get the keys for them!

“No Dad!, Clyde interjected “Let him do his worst”

The robbers female partner watched in shock as Clyde stood strong even in the face of danger; she knew this wouldn’t end well, and was even more sure immediately she noticed Clyde wrestling the gun out of her partners hands.

But she was too dazed to make even a single move.

And then it happened. A shot was fired.

She wasn’t hurt

Her accomplice wasn’t hurt.

Clyde wasn’t hurt.

But sadly, no one could say the same for Mr. Bello; he had received a bullet to the chest, and was bleeding fast.

The two robbers saw this, and immediately fled. Although the girl had to drag the guy along seeing as he just stood there wondering what big mistake he had just made.

The both of them left the scene quickly, leaving young Clyde kneeling over his father and calling for help; his hands resting on the wound, and his mouth terrible screaming “Dad, its okay. You’re gonna be okay. HELP! Somebody please help!”

The two robbers were out of sight by the time people gathered by the garage; they had gone deep into the bushes. Once they were sure no one could find them – Elena and her boyfriend – Ryan took of their mask; both panting heavily.

“What now?, She managed to say in between breaths..


Written by – MANNIE! (Mass Comm/Unilag/100lvl)

Email – mannieoiseomaye@yahoo.com


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