Greatest Akokites,

It should be brought to your knowledge that CITS has clarified the misconceptions surrounding the inability of students to register some courses.
It is important to first establish a few facts:
A) Departments/ Programs handled the set up of courses and their associated prerequisites, using the curriculum approved by Senate upon the recommendation of the Faculty board of studies.

B) A ‘prerequisite’ by definition is a course that a student is required to have passed (scoring at least 40%) before being eligible to take the course for which the former is a prerequisite.

C) Therefore, where the Department/ Program has set up a course as a prerequisite, and if a student has either not taken the prerequisite or has yet to obtain a pass grade, (s)he will not be eligible to register for courses requiring that prerequisite.

It is clear therefore that
– The CITS has absolutely nothing to do with the prerequisites, beyond ensuring proper and correct implementation
– If a department is desirous (for any reason) of varying prerequisites as approved by Senate, then that Department must apply to Senate, through its Faculty Board of Studies
– Students affected by implementation of prerequisites may consequently wish to prevail on their Departments to apply to Senate through the Faculty Board of Studies.

The Union hopes with these few information that we have been able to duly inform you on what the exact situation is.
Thank you.

Jumai AF,
Movement For Total Transformation.


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