#LifeInUnilag: Unilag student voices displeasure at Senator Ben Murray Bruce (THE COMMON SENSE GUY) ‘s birthday celebration



Some leaders hide behind the shadows of being pro-people,pro-equality. It is painful to discover that all these are just for the purpose of television, newspaper, radio, magazine, social media and all.

I was unfortunate to have been at the sixtieth birthday celebration of one of our leaders which held at Eko Convention Centre yesterday, Friday. I was marvelled by the level of stereotype portrayed by this leader who claims to be for people equality; in fact my self esteem was hurt and I’m sure it’s the same for every other one of us who saw things from my angle at the event.

I happened to have attended the event through an invite sent to my department, Mass Communication of the University of Lagos. At first, I and my colleagues thought this was an opportunity for us to see some of our leaders from close by, we also felt we were appreciated too.

It never for once occurred to us as though we were going to be treated with that much discrimination. We were secluded to a less-than-human style gallery with seats arranged like we were primary school pupils waiting to be issued directives, while some other individuals whose special attributes I do not understand, were given VIP style seats down in the main hall.

Little did we know that this was just the beginning as, few minutes after we arrived, we were served with canned drinks (with no tables, trays or cups), followed with small sized disposable packs of low-value jollof rice with diced beef to go with; at this point, the stereotype was becoming glaring as the so-called VIPs were treated to a buffet of a three-square meal with exotic wines and the likes, I know you’re getting the picture.

To cap it all up, when some of us decided to try and get access into this (the VIP) area, we were told that the area is for the invited guests while the area we left at like refugees, or would I rather say the helpless, is for us, students.


After all these, I gathered my thoughts, spoke with some colleagues, then we just figured out the purposes of us being there: to make the world believe that, yes, he is for the young population (#notsocommonsense); to justify his “common sense” campaign (#notsocommonsense); to market his book, “the Common Sense Revolution” to us, considering that we students and youths in general are the ones that read and need books the most due to our hunger for knowledge (#notsocommonsense).

This is really not about the treatment we were made to undergo, it is way beyond that, this is aimed at calling our attention to this matter, we are all equals in this great country, no matter the age, gender, tribe and all; we are entitled to equal treatment from all spheres. I hope we get to understand my stand that this country needs not, this sort of hypocrites if we are to move from where we are to where we want to be. We can not just leave this country in these such hands if we are to go anywhere.

This is a wake-up call to these people who come to us in public acting like we matter and then, going behind to do otherwise just because they think we do not have a voice. We need us to prove to them that we matter and that we do have a voice, these acts by us, and similar, alone can force change in this great nation.

Let’s voice our displeasure until they got to the right places. We won’t stop until we are heard and evident change is observed.

Bayero, Damilare Biolatito
Concerned Student,
Concerned Youth,
Concerned Nigerian.


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