He knocked on the door and waited. And a few seconds later, the door opened and what he saw made his jaw drop. There she was,looking like a goddess in a dress that barely covered her thighs. Stevens brain SHUT DOWN!

Her hair was tied in a bun and she was wearing makeup; the type of makeup one would wear for a major celebration. Steven thought he could quickly tip toe out of this situation but she grabbed him by the hand and took him in. In his mind, they were just going to watch a movie; maybe eat some popcorn and have a good laugh. Her apartment was packed and it was one big apartment.

Juliet held his hand as she introduced him to various people. Her famz game was strong! The way she talked about him was strange and BOOM! It struck him! This crazy woman wan set me up o. see as e dey parade me about like I be e boyfriend. Chai who send me come o! I don enter kalasa today! Once again Steve-o was SCREWED! He thought about excusing himself and going for the door but he remembered Juliet locking it with a key.

Nigga wasn’t going anywhere today. Steve tried the windows but being a proper naija citizen, she don already burglary proof the hell out of the place; Metals bars just dey everywhere. My guy was praying to God he could be magneto, just this 1 time. Escaping was seeming more and more impossible as Juliet’s winchy winchy plan was working. At least, he had managed to separate himself from her for a while; but he had to think of something fast.


It had been 2 hours in her apartment and Steven had almost given up. No matter what he tried it didn’t work. Plus he could see Juliet watching his every move and it was just creepy. He fashid those thoughts and concentrated on escaping from askaban-Juliet’s apartment ( you guys remember harry potter 3 na shey? If you never watched Harry Potter sorry but you need to see a doctor immediately). 

Juliet finally grabbed him again and paraded him like the dude was an iphone 6s ( btw if una wan buy the phone I won’t mind you buying 1 on for me o. shey love dey for sharing) . Steven managed to free himself with an excuse that he needed to use the bathroom. She told him to use the one in her bedroom; Steven was too tired and frustrated to object. 

Of course he didn’t really need a bathroom break; he needed to get away from this psychopath. He was there thinking about how he got himself into this mess when he heard the bedroom door open and close.  He thought it was another party guest looking to use the bathroom so he flushed the toilet and came out. He met a giggling Juliet closing the doors, WITH A KEY, and she put the key in her bra. OKAY, STEVEN IS OVER SCREWED NOW! He demanded that she give him the key but she said was “Steven if it’s the key you want,come and take it”…

By Naga Avan-Nomayo


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