#LifeInUnilag: Read up! ‘A Loner’s Valentine’ by – Chukwuma Rejoice –

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Although coming in late, this is one great article we thought we still need to share!

Written by a Unilag Alumni.

Days like this, I sit back listening to my favorite song “When I Was Your Man” from Bruno Mars album “Unorthodox Jukebox.” I know it’s that time of year: chocolates, flowers, jewelry, sappy advertisements everywhere with red and pink store displays. Reminding me it’s Valentine’s Day again, then my music player shuffles to Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men reminding me of how empty my life is.

Yeah I know Valentine’s Day is commercial (understatement) but it’s all good. We know that. It’s beautiful to celebrate love and your lover but if I had a lover I would celebrate her everyday. Valentine’s Day brings people a great sense of joy and intimacy, but  this so-called celebration makes me feels more about absence or loss.

Days like this I remember Adaobi, the girl that zoned me for 4 years without saying anything so that for four years all I do is wake up every morning and listen to “I’ll Wait” by  Mumford and Sons or “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. Day dreaming that I was with her on this day of lovers at a lakeside, staring into the water as it flows, looking at her in the eyes telling her how much I love her.

Now I know that no matter who is or isn’t in my life, I am my own ultimate lover and lucky to have me for a valentine because when you are your own very valentine, you can celebrate any way you want to. Till next year I give thumbs up to “Life After You” by Daughtry because there’s no life after you.


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