#LifeInUnilag: MUST READ! – ‘Torn’ by Sabrina Samuels



Debrina Samuels is a student of the University of Lagos studying dentistry.

As the general perception is, anyone in sciences or medicine is ‘boring’ or lacks ‘literary skills’ unlike others.

This article debunks that perception.

Read Below!

Have you ever felt so alone? Have you ever felt like the world is so far from you? Have you felt like miracles and good luck can’t happen to you? Have you ever felt like no one understands you? Do you ever think itst you, yourself and you fighting the battles with the world? I was once told that if people don’t talk about you then you’re nobody.. The talk varies… This time around we would be looking at the bad side of talk that people could say to cause hurt.

Please be aware that this story might not have a happy ending, but you could continue this article and create an happy ending. This is full of pain, sorrow and misery.

The world yells out happiness to the wicked and to the oppressed and naïve ones sorrow yields forth…

Moments when you feel like nothing good ever yields forth from your hands.. All you ever came for is to destroy and cause havoc.

We’ve all in our lives asked “if there is a God” ? I’m not an atheist but then things happen in such a way you begin to doubt the existence of a creator.

People say, “our past haunts us”. How can your past haunt you when you are still living in the past? Now someone would say, “we are not willing to move forward”. How can a movement be made when negative vibes are all we inhale? And yet others would say “we need help, tell someone”. How can your story be shared when you are scared of its remarks, when you are scared that the help might just be a form of mockery.

Life isn’t as rosy as people make it… I usually hear of stories of how a pauper turned into a wealthy man, that’s all the sad story we get to hear that tend to make all go “awwwwn”. Sometimes there’s more to the story, sometimes you have to face a lot of hardship, a lot of ridicule, a lot of abandonment to get the benefits of life, and when these anxieties come around you want to be like Cinderella waiting for her Prince Charming to arrive. Knowing that when Prince Charming comes all pains are gone.

No one came prepared to face life, no one can face life and come out complete. Lots of tears have to be shed. Lots of heart breaks have to be made.. I just never knew that a lot of lies would be told to make you fail, I never knew someone would turn your whole family against you. I usually see it in movies but jeez it really happens. As traumatic as it sounds, how sad the experience might be I know the truth always comes out.

A lot of you would ask what is the truth? Well the truth is the sadness you feel that’s beyond expression, what you’ve been wanting to say but never got the chance to be heard or believed. Now a lot of you all who probably know someone who’s facing this or who is facing this would ask, “when would the truth come out”?? Truthfully that answer is tough to answer but I hear it’s soon..soon it would be over..soon it would be better…. Well unlike Cinderella who eventually knew prince charming would come, you are not sure when your bright light would shine. Trust is a block making all heals vain. That bright light might come but you might just be too broken to realize it’s real.

No matter how you are going to keep telling yourself that you fine, it just doesn’t work. No matter how you want to get rid of the negative vibes it’s just going to be there. No matter how you think hurting the people who put you here would make you feel better, it wouldn’t.

When sadness and loneliness become a void you are willing to spend your time in… when it becomes a void that makes you happy just be rest assured that you are long gone… The remedy is you! How you are your remedy, that’s for you to find out, cause what works for me might not work for you.. Find your solace and redeem yourself.


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2 thoughts on “#LifeInUnilag: MUST READ! – ‘Torn’ by Sabrina Samuels”

  1. Wow!…. That was deeeeep. Still amazed at how much u can mend when you’ve accepted the truth about how “torn” you are. Thanks Riri. #iconcur #Theremedyisyou


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