Oh mother
My first love
From inside we shared a connection
A bond
That words will never explain to perfection.
Oh mother
The sight I saw
You held out your arms in a warm embrace
And you gazed upon me with love and kindness.
Oh mother
With care you fed me
Every minute
Your eyes were ever watchful
Your pride and joy
You protected from harm.
You taught me things no teacher in the four walls of a classroom will ever be able to teach.
Oh mother
Your nature has nurtured me into the man I am today
Proud of our bond
Confident in your love and care.
The heavens will know of your greatness
For I shall tell tales of your wonders
Till my last breath!

By Naga Avan-Nomayo

This poem is dedicated to Mrs Avan-Nomayo, my mother and Mrs Ajai, the mother of Yinka Ajai. We love and respect you more than words will ever be able to tell.


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