Juliet smiled in a devious manner and Steven knew he was totally screwed. Steven had dated Juliet 3 years ago and it was worse than hell; at least for him. They had met on a blind date put together by their crazy friends. At first she seemed amazing, until he invited her to spend the weekend at his place and the girl ordered the entire konga store on the first day.

Like he just wanted her to chill with him o and the chica was acting like they were married and he was Bill Gates. On top the fact that she was a materialistic witch, she wanted to be intimate every second. Dude was wondering whether her batteries never ran out; seems she was running on solar energy.


Immediately she recognized it was Steven she screamed and jumped on him. This crazy chic grabbed and touched this guy in so many ways in such a short time that words can’t describe how shocked he was. She finally let him out of her witch enhanced grip and she started rambling.

Steven always tuned out when she got into this mode and she never really notice. He waited there, hands in his pockets waiting for her to shut up and allow him be on his merry way. He would have walked out on her but he knew too well how much of a drama queen she was; she would cause a scene right there. YES, THIS GIRL IS CRAZY LIKE THAT. She finally calmed down and started an actual conversation with him. To his utter surprise, she seemed different. The way she talked had a certain vibe to it; seemed she was less witch and more crazy now. WAIT STEVEN YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS NA, THIS IS CRAZY SOLAR JULIET WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. IS YOU HIGH OR NAH?

He found out she had gotten a job at V.I and she was now staying here, in lekki. WAIT SHE LIVES ALONE NOW? GUY SHE’S MORE DANGEROUS THAN BEFORE. RUN! But Steven had just gotten out of a bad relationship. Dude wasn’t thinking well at all at all. They exchanged numbers and Juliet made him promise to come over next weekend.

A week later Steven was parking in front of an apartment in lekki. “OMO THIS GIRL LEVELS DON CHANGE O “ he thought to himself. He knocked on the gate but it was already open so he let himself into the compound. The place was amazing to be honest; she was really doing well for herself. He located her apartment by the colour she had told him earlier. He knocked on the door and waited.
A few seconds later, the door opened and what he saw made his jaw drop.

By Naga Avan-Nomayo


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