#LifeInUnilag: ULSU cancels ‘Freshers orientation’ and ‘Legends Unite’

This is to inform all students and associated bodies of the University of Lagos about the cancellation of the ULSU’s Freshers’ “Orientation Programme” and “Legends Unite” both slated to hold on Friday, 12th February, 2016 at the Indoor Sports Hall of the Sports Centre.

The reasons for the cancellation of the events are stated thus: The allocated expenditure for both events is incredible and cannot be borne by the Union’s resources. We are already in the seventh week since the day of resumption. There have been other orientation programmes ranging from the University orientation, faculty and faculty associations’ orientation, department and departmental associations’ orientation, and halls of residence orientation. ULSU as a whole attended majority of these events and was given opportunity to speak about the Students’ Union.

Students have not been given accommodation (bed spaces) which is of high priority to us right now concerning the distance so many of us stay.

The proposed amount which the ULSU Executive Council plans to expend on both events is overwhelming, ridiculous and incredible. The amount cannot be borne by the resources of the ULSU which are meant to be used in catering for all of its activities and projects which are unlimited. The ULSU Executive Council is proposing to spend 1,121,500 naira on the orientation programme with a whopping 1,000,000 naira going to feeding alone; they are also spending 700,000 naira on “Legends Unite”; both of which amount to a hilarious 1,821,500 naira.Also, it is already seven weeks into a twelve-week academic semester. It is therefore affirmed that the “Orientation Programme” and “Legends Unite” are both irrelevant and unnecessary as we cannot be at this stage of resumption and still be orientating the students. All students are deep into academic activities and there will be little or no regard for an “orientation” at this period.

As the event is also scheduled to hold on a Friday which is an academic day and with no plan made with various departments to forfeit lectures for the day. There will be little or no room for students’ participation as our primary objective is to achieve academic excellence.Furthermore, there have been numerous other orientation programmes for these students already. The University orientation programme, faculties’ orientation, orientations held by their various departments and even the halls of residence.

In all these cases, ULSU Officers, from Students Executive Council [SEC] and Students Legislative Council [SLC], were invited to these orientation programmes to address the students on students’ unionism and its roles. Therefore, the ULSU’s orientation will be a repetition of all these other preceding activities.With all relevant factors being put into consideration, we, the Students Legislative Council [SLC], see, and agree to it, that the “Orientation Programme” and “Legends Unite” are a waste of the ULSU’s resources which are meant to be used to meet unlimited ends.Following all the aforementioned, all students and associated bodies of the University of Lagos are thereby enjoined to disregard any information getting to them on the events and to disregard the events in its entirety, including its organizers, as both have been cancelled and are not activities organized by the union. The Students Executive Council is also mandated to cancel all plans put in place for the events.

Hon. Bayero Damilare B.
Chairman, Committee on Media and Publicity,
Students’ Legislative Council, ULSU. 09022333932

Hon. Popoola, Olamilekan Israel

Rt Hon. Adeonipekun, Adeyanju
Speaker, ULSU SLC

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