The university has been noted as a universe in the  city. A new world of exploration. But, you know one way or the other, we need to get this connection with God at least,  even if its during examination period!

So far, in the University of Lagos, a whole lot of fellowships and religious groups like RCF, BSF, DLCF, SAF, just to mention a few, sprouting from different denominations, are gaining grounds on campus. It is indeed great to see youths of this age doing one thing or the other for the Lord.

Knowing fully well that the session is just beginning, symposiums, lectures, seminars and other programs are organized to draw the attentions of the youngsters, freshers. At times, there is a large turn up, especially in cases where celebrities and refreshments are involved. Other cases, low turn out.

Most people coming from a different religious denomination may want to try out on exploring others on campus and maybe move on with the one they attend before.
However, it is not safe and morally right to neglect one’s religion on campus. If you’re a fresher and you’re not so sure of what fellowship to join, start out by attending their fresher’s programs and survey critically before joining any.

Just make sure; as you have time for books and other stuff;  have time for your religion and God. The fact is, it’s actually fun on campus than anywhere else!

Peace Out!

By Deborah Folarinmi


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