#LifeInUnilag: Hello. “Let’s talk love” – #ShineYourEyes is set to hold tomorrow!

Lets Talk Love

The Miss Unilag 2015 beauty pageant which took place at the indoor sport hall on the 14th of August of the year 2015 was a huge success, the event which had celebrities like Munachi Abii, Toyin Lawani, Tekno, Ketchup and many more was the talk of the town, even for months after. The success of the event, from the pre-events to the grand finale earned the organizing team very high commendation from diverse quarters of the public. Notwithstanding the grand finale having come and gone, the project did not end on the event day.

Thus under the promoters and event organisers of the Miss UNILAG brand, Sulcata Entertainment, the winners would be busy with various projects that would be

beneficial to their fellow students, the institution, and the general public.

After months of planning, we would be launching the 2016 campaign with an awareness project Tagged

@RRD SHINE YOUR EYES. (RRD means Relationships, Rape & Drugs #ShineYourEyes. This is a talk show

that will bother on relationships, love, rape and other issues pertaining to youth.

This project, will be championed by none other than Miss Jemima Ugiagbe, the second runner-up the

Miss Unilag 2015 beauty pageant, who also conceived the initiative. Come Wednesday 12th of

February, 2016 at the Main Auditorium University of Lagos, the office of Miss Unilag 2015 in

conjunction with the University of Lagos Student Affairs Division will be hosting a talk show themed

“Let’s Talk Love #ShineYourEyes”.

This event is targeted primarily at the freshers (newly admitted students) to give them the right

orientation, while not leaving out the old students who are also invited. This way, we hope to equip

them with enough information to make informed decisions as well as deal with unlikely situations.

Responsible and respected artists and entertainers would be featured to spice up the event..

See you there!


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