#LifeInUnilag: Want to know how life as a #Unilag fresher is? Read this! – By Ihekire Chinonso –


In my own experience, being a fresher in the university (The University of lagos, Mass communication department of the faculty of social sciences) has been quite enthralling. I had no psychological armor to shield me from the main reality of adulthood in the university life. I was just suddenly exposed to the direct rays of reality itself and I can tell you the reaction has been unsettling.

I was not ready for that level of exposure, all the sermons and mental fortification I had made from home were just bollocks and to be really honest it didn’t really fortify me from much. I’d always be grateful for the special orientation for freshers, it’s like a package containing the basic user manual if you would liken the University as a machine.

It was quite helpful, it at least took the blindfolds off and I saw clearly the positive and negative aspects of virtually everything in and out of the system that contributes to my general development.
Getting down to what’s what, the unexpected surprises I received were many; amongst which was the ‘’issue of the lectures and the lecturers’ fiasco’’.

It was an embodiment of stress to be honest. In high school, your teachers are always accountable for your class participation and all of that but in here Nobody send you o! No lecturer would ask you to go for lectures or take notes in class, you would even pray they even come to the class to give the lectures. The one’s that don’t come make it generally frustrating for you to go for classes or even motivate your enthusiasm for learning and class participation.

While on the other hand, some lectures can be tedious, they could hold at really early hours of the day and also late in the evening which generally could be very inconveniencing .But then, Endurance is the keyword. Education is a top priority and the price to pay is not  cheap so you just have to buckle up and saddle your  horses for every man and woman has his race to run and it is not by how far but how well you go.

Although there are pressures of university life in unilag, being a fresher is also very thrilling and exciting. It is filled with adventure and every thing is still fresh to you. You can say being a fresher is a fresh thing.  A lot of exciting people to meet ;  jovial characters, cool people, and characters you’ve never seen. I remember my first class in school which was MAS 102, I walked into the class and lo and behold ! A group of girls were making up and demonstrating to others to learn, right in the centre of the class.  Yeah, there are a lot of things to witness; class jesters, parties, hostel hallweek, faculty social events and so on.


Unilag is known for producing a lot of celebrities, just recently it produced two acts that have made waves for themselves in the musical industry i.e. Lil kesh (shoki master) and Ycee (jagaban) Yes o! Great Akokites!! It is a pleasure to be a fresher here too. It can’t be the same everywhere but it can’t be much different too. What else? Basically my first days were quite shaky – yeah ‘baby steps’ but they were also bliss and I’m very happy for the experience gained. I’m sure you can learn a thing or two.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that being a fresher is very important in your life. It is also the basis of your educational career. It has to be taken with great care and wisdom. Don’t let anybody tell you that you are insignificant. Don’t let them ruin your spotlight and don’t ruin it yourself. Shine like you haven’t shone before and if its your first days then kudos! You still have much to enjoy. Keep watching out for more write-ups on various aspects of the freshman year. I hope to keep the pen in motion. Till then.
Live wisely, safely and most importantly – Happy!

By Ihekire Chinonso
100 Level Mass Communication Student, UNILAG


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