#LifeInUnilag: A MUST READ! An Article On Life And The Struggles Of Man -By- Yinka Ajai-

The struggle is real, the struggle to find the meaning to life, to understand and be understood. How many times have you asked yourself, “is this all life has to offer?” “Where does my journey end? ” and most important of all ,at what point do I say “I have attained success” ? “

When we are all born, we are practically clean slates, unmoulded and unformed pieces of clay. We have no opinions, no minds of our own, no hatred whatsoever  With these in mind, a person is forced to ask these questions, when do we learn to hate? Why and when does our unconditional love and our empathy for beings other than ourselves begin to falter?

Where do we learn negativity?. Is it in religious institutions? Where hypocrisy, self righteousness and prejudice thrive? Or at school?, where we learn how to ostracise and shut out other kids, the ones that don’t have the shiny toys we have, or watch the wonderful cartoons you can only find on ” cable TV ” why do we open our hearts to such? Is it simply human nature? The need to hate, to feel you are better than someone else.

Are such atrribues intrinsic to mankind, if they are, how did people like Mother Theresa and Mahatma Ghandi come into existence? Sure they weren’t perfect, but for most of their lives they were able to suppress their basest attributes. So, how do we attain that level of “Zen-ness”. I guess we just have to keep trying, trying to remember that not everyone is the same as you are, trying to keep remembering that your right, no matter how strong your convicton might be will always be someone else’s wrong , trying to rise above hate, shut out negativity and most importantly avoid violence.

Let’s define ourselves rather than make ourselves into one of society’s clones. Think for yourselves, be uniquely different and remember, we’ve only got one life to live (unless you believe in reincarnation) let’s make it count. ✌

By Yinka Ajai
100Lvl Mass Communication, Unilag


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