#LifeInUnilag: ‘Scribbles – Woman Trouble’ Ep1 by Avan – Naga – Nomayo ( WEB SERIES )


The sun was setting, the cool evening breeze whistled all around him. It wasn’t dark yet but he still had to watch his step. He walked on the streets with a deep frown that  was frightening to people who passed him by.

It had been eight months of fighting with his girlfriend. To some extent he had gotten used to it and it hardly bothered him anymore; it was just one of those normal things. But this fight was different. This time he wasn’t going to take her insane accusations and act like nothing was wrong.

“She wasn’t like that when we met” he thought to himself. He remembered the first day he saw her. She was dark skinned and petite, with all the right things in all the right places. But it was her brain he was more fascinated by. Her views on matters were simply astonishing.

She was kind and sweet, now she was just a crazy woman he had to run away from. For the past six months she had accused him of cheating on her; of course this wasn’t true. Steven had been faithful to the core, he had cared for her. Some would even say he was the perfect partner. I guess that “perfection” was too much for Amaka to handle and she needed something to stain the perfect picture.
Steven pushed these thoughts out of his head. It was over and nothing was going to change that fact. It was established both in Heaven and on Earth.

His mood was brightening up when someone bumped into him. He was about to turn and curse the hell out of this witch. “like did they send you from my village to give me wahala?”
When he turned completely and saw her face he wished he could simply fly away like superman. It was his EX! At this point he was convinced someone somewhere definitely did not like him at all. He was just getting away from one crazy chic and here he was face to face with the mother of all crazy creatures.

Juliet smiled in a devious manner and Steven knew he was totally screwed!


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