#LifeInUnilag: Sheck this out! – Ep1 of ‘IF LOVE IS A CRIME’ (Web Series)

Episode One
It’s exactly 2:00am in the morning;
in a hotel room, on the topmost floor.
There’s a struggle.
There’s a crash.
There’s a loud cry.
Minutes later, there’s a pool of blood on the floor.

A lifeless body is lying next to it.
Exhausted looking teenagers; Selma and Clyde are standing over the body; dressed in a lovely red gown and Tux, respectively.
Selma is trembling with utter fear, tears full in her eyes.
But Clyde is suspiciously calm; he stares at the dead body with so much contempt and scorn.
There’s also a knife in Clyde’s hand, but surprisingly – there’s not a single drop of blood on it.
“What have we done? Selma manages to say out loud, still in her state of shock.
Clyde doesn’t have an answer to that though, at least not right then.
“Wait so lemme get this straight, said Ben; a relatively short dark guy, with a thick Yoruba accent, and bulging biceps, as he walked the smallish and fragile looking Selma Adekunle to her private (public-looking) High school. “You refuse to attend your final senior prom, because you think its pointless?”
“Exactly!, Selma exclaimed, smiling at the thought of Ben finally getting her “I mean, why celebrate the introduction of youths to a life full of drugs, unprotected sex, unrealistic dreams and uncertain future?”
And like that, Ben discontinued walking and stopped to examine Selma with his eyes.
She noticed only after a few steps without him, turned back and said “Ahan, Ben – what’s wrong?”
“Oh its nothing, the dazed looking young man replied “I just don’t understand how someone related to perky-old me, could be so cynical that’s all” .
“Aw Common, Selma disagreed, crossing her arms “I’m not cynical, I’m just realistic. Prom is a waste of time, and you know it”
“Even your senior prom?”
She had her eyes closed as she said this, probably trying to convince herself that this was true; but once they were open, she noticed who was standing right beside Ben.
And her world of black and white suddenly became colorful again.
The smile on her face was highly infectious.
Ben turned to the Igbo-looking young man beside him in Khaki shorts and a Hawaiian T-Shirt that wore him more than he wore them, and added “Clyde please talk to your girlfriend oh, she’s seriously got a messed up POV”
Ben headed back to his small black car parked in the lot, but not before Selma flashed him the ‘fuck you sign’, to which he gladly replied.
Clyde laughed heartily as he threw his arm over Selma’s shoulders
“Heeeey!, The seventeen year old girl replied, her face as red as rose petals.
She and Clyde had been together for over a year now, and yet she still felt butterflies in her stomach every time she was with him.
As he took her school bag from her hands and hung it on his shoulder, he asked “So what was all that Ben was talking about your point of view being all jacked up?”
“Oh Nothing!, Selma lied “Just the usual brother and sister banter, that’s all!”
It was true, Selma and her older brother Benjamin; one of the ‘cultured’ kids in their very rascally neighbourhood had been known to act like they were in a world of their own most times.
But Clyde was also smart; he knew when his girlfriend wasn’t being totally honest with him.
Like right now.
All he did was flash her, his ‘I’m disappointed in you’ face and the poor girl cracked instantly.
“Okay fine!, He thinks I’m being cynical just cos; I don’t want to attend Prom”
“Wait – What? You didn’t tell me this? Why the heck wouldn’t you want to attend prom?”
“Cos; I don’t see the concept, that’s why!”
“Oh Well, then I agree! Clyde interjected immediately
“Thank you, baby!”  Selma exclaimed, rather surprised, but still very much appreciative. She blew Clyde a kiss, as they both headed towards the main entrance of the school building with a huge sign that read ‘Welcome to West Lagos High’
‘Actually, Clyde added ‘I meant I agree with Ben – that doesn’t really make sense!”
“Seriously – you too??, She yelled, almost catching the attention of other students waiting to get in. Quickly, she grabbed the air in front of Clyde and added “I’m taking my kiss back”
The automatic doors immediately slid open for the couple to walk in.
“It’s not funny Sel, Clyde continued
“Okay! Okay! Selma squealed “Jeez! What’s your own now?
“No, Selma! Said Clyde “I just don’t see how you can make such a big decision without even asking what I think!
“It’s just Prom, Cee!, The girlfriend replied, in a low toner tone. “And last time I checked, I’m allowed to make my own choices. What’s your deal anyway?
Selma was now vexed.
“Nothings my deal, Clyde answered “You just say some pretty inconsiderate shit sometimes
“Clyde, it was just a simple comment about a stupid event. Why the hell are you taking it personal? It’s not like I said I want to break up!”
As these words flew out of Selma’s mouth, the school bell rang and then came the stampede of students into the various venues of their early morning class.
“Whatever! Clyde exclaimed, in response to his girlfriend’s words, as he hissed, threw her back pack at her, and began walking away.
“Clyde! She called out, but he didn’t listen – the young man was hurt, for whatever reason.
Determined not to let this little quarrel ruin her last week in school, Selma positioned her bag well, and started towards her first class of the day – Intro to MicroBiology.
But as much as she tried to deny it, Clyde was still on her mind, and so it came as no surprise to her when in a haste to class, she bumped into someone. The two collided like vehicles in a car crash, books and bags flying everywhere.
In that moment, she let out a loud groan of frustration, but still took all the blame “Oh My God, – I’m so sorry – Clumsy me!” and like the last she was, once she was done picking up her stuff, she began helping this strange girl pick up hers’ too; but was shocked when she received a hot slap on her fingers.
“Ouch! Selma looked up to see a gothic looking lady, putting on all-black and really heavy makeup, with a ‘devils horn’ tattoo on her left wrist – it remained just a hairs breath for this girl to become a Satanist.
This was what Selma thought. Buts she wouldn’t dare say it loud, except she wanted to wake up with seven heads the next day.
Again, her words!
“I don’t need your help, the girl said; she had a real mature voice, especially for someone still in High school.
She had all her stuff in her arms now, and so she stood up.
Selma looked into this girls eyes and noticed how red and puffy they appeared. She had been crying.
And Selma was just about to be the model compassionate school mate, until the girl added “Next time, just watch where you’re going, okay bitch?”.
She said this, and then walked out on Selma; making the poor girl feel like they had been enemies, even in their past lives.
“Great!, She groaned as she glanced at her watch, only to see that she was now twenty minutes late for class. “Could this day get any worse?”
After almost half an hour of deliberating what to do next, the knife now lying on the bare bed, while a dead body covered with linen bed sheets, decayed feet’s away from them, Selma finally managed to add “We have to call the police? That’s our best option right now”
“ARE YOU ALRIGHT?, Clyde screamed “How does that even sound remotely good in anyway?”
“Well, I don’t know shit about this, okay!, Selma screamed back, as she started shedding tears. Even still with the red dress on, she didn’t look so elegant anymore “Do you have a better idea?”
Clyde was silent for a while, and then he finally said “We have to get rid of the body. And fast!”
Selma didn’t quite agree with this, and so she snapped “What!?
‘I said we have to bet rid of the body!, Clyde reiterated, and louder this time as he literally stormed over to the body and pulled off the bed sheets on it.
Selma trembled at the tone of his voice. But what still terrified her most was the sight of the dead girls’ body in the room, the girl with a devil tattoo on her wrist.
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