#LifeInUnilag: POEM – ‘Voice of The Street’ by Aroloye Odunmoluwa

slavery_2849118k-510x319Aroloye Odunmoluwa, a 100 level student of the University of Lagos, Department of Mass Communication composed this poem – ‘Voice of the Street’. An expository  about the sufferings of the masses who serve under harsh conditions. Read and share your thoughts!


Voice Of The Street.

We are the voice of the street
Who have got our children topping the class
We pass,
Yet are below in the social class
We have got our children at the war front,fighting for victory
While you lie back in ur territory.

Your being in Spain
Our being in pain.

We saddle horses
Still we fight forces
We are put under pressure
With no treasure
Yet you larvish treasure
Of no measure.

You give us no reason to harvest in new season
Hard you are on us ,
Evident through our pores
All dressed up in your suit and tie,
Home we go in our tie and dye.

You owe us! You don’t own us
You lie in luxuries
Chasing about your fantasies
While we lie in penuries.
We ain’t caught up in your love affair
Because all these seems unfair.

High planes
IPods for your children,
But I ain’t paid

We feel clotting in our bodies, our blood
Ball gowns,
Flashy cars,
Jet planes,
Sparkling time piece
Yet we’ve got shattered gold dreams.

                     DUNAMIS LOYE (MOLU).


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