#LifeInUnilag: POEM – ‘Life’ by Naga – Avan -Nomayo


Naga Avan-Nomayo, a 100L Mass Communication student of the University of Lagos composed this poem on ‘LIFE’. Check it out and share your thoughts!
An endless journey filled with twists and turns
With pain and sorrow
With joy and happiness
With defeat and slavery
With victory and liberation.

It starts in the womb
Till the child sees first light
Then decisions starts
What shall we name the child?
What shall the child become?

The child grows up
Stands at the crossroads of life itself
What path do I take?
What road do I walk down?
The right path
I knoweth not
For that knowledge is of a higher calling.

A path has been chosen
It is riddled with agony and despair
With poverty and hunger
The once blissful child has lost all hope
He resigns to fate and passes from this world.

But it doesn’t end there
After this world
You either go up or down
To unending happiness
Or to unending suffering.

Just next door
A child is born
The decisions start again
How will this tale end?


By Naga Avan-Nomayo

Like? You can reach the poet, Naga via these mediums:

Email: jesuisnaga@gmail.com
Twitter/IG: @jesuisnaga
WhatsApp: 09053588783


One thought on “#LifeInUnilag: POEM – ‘Life’ by Naga – Avan -Nomayo”

  1. wow.. soso cool. its like reoccurance of death nd LIFE. A Pointer 2 Hw We Start Our Lives Full Of Uncertainty Nd May End D Veri Final End Certain Or Uncertain.


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