#LifeInUnilag: POEM – ‘I wish’ by Ogunsanya Tolulope

Ogunsanya Tolulope, a 100 level student of the Faculty of law recently sent in this poem titled ‘I wish’. Read and Enjoy!

downloadI wish things were different
I wish there was peace
I wish wants and dreams transcend reality
I wish life wasn’t so hard and people so bad
I wish we all were equal
I wish hunger was a figment of man’s imagination but never an actual sensation
I wish words could never go wrong
I wish problems like pictures could be deleted
I wish time’s hands could be turned after chances have been burned
I wish love was true and lies were few
I wish movies weren’t so dressed and reality so naked
I wish faces weren’t masks and hard work equalled success
I wish death was but a figure of speech and by evil we couldn’t be reached
I wish wishes weren’t just wishes and fantasies just fantasies
But my wishes like others’ are just wishes and I’m back to being slapped by life’s realities.
-Ogunsanya Tolulope


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